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[opensuse-project] Budget distribution (was: Sorry!)
On Mon 2020-02-10, Thorsten Bro | openSUSE Member wrote:
And yes, this includes treating every country/continent with the
same respect

Yes, totally agreed.

and give them the same amount of budget to support local events.
Maybe this is something the board could put on it's agenda. How
money is spent? Which continent gets how much support per fiscal
year? Make this transparent please :).

This is definitely something we (both SUSE and openSUSE from a
board, marketing,... perspective) are aiming for -- directionally.

I'm saying directionally since I don't think that Austria (9 million
people) and Australia (26 million people) should necessarily get
exactly the same, or looking at continents, Asia and Australia.

And maybe there's more need in some parts of the world than others,
where there's also other parties sponsoring, plus the cost to support
an event can vary widely. And in some countries we have stronger
communities already (which we want to support), in some it may
be budding communities (which we also want to support).

So, I think this is a complex set of questions that needs to be
looked at individually. But "yes!" to striving for balance and
"yes!" to working towards increased transparency.

I hope this makes sense?

keep in mind, that you need local enthusiast willing to organize or
go to a local event representing openSUSE.

openSUSE.Asia Summit last fall was my first event in my new role, and
the energy and enthusiasm I felt among people from different countries
and what they were driving at home was amazing. It really motivated me,
and I hope we can keep supporting and growing such initiatives.

Maybe communication can be improved, like summaries about local
conferences where we sponsored some money or materials, but this
needs some volunteers willing to write a few lines as well.

Sharing positive news and successes (even) more would be nice, and
could inspire others in our communities (and outside, to possibly
join or do similarly in theirs).

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