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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Board election 2019-2020 - Final candidates list
Election candidates, et al,

Happy Chinese New Year from Hong Kong!

Firstly let me thank the candidates for stepping forward as well as the
other election officials especially, Ish and Edwin for their hard work
in getting this process so far.

As an openSUSE old timer, yet probably one of the newest members of
openSUSE. I have a question for the the election candidates albeit
extremely 11th hour, which I believe is extremely pertinent to the
future of openSUSE. For some years I saw openSUSE fall down the rankings
as well as as experienced some lag in the update cycles relative to
other distros. I put this down to SUSE being passed from pillar to post
for over a decade. Recently though openSUSE has really got its "mojo"
back and is on fire! I've had a number of projects recently which I
think would have been extremely difficult to execute with any other

But here's the thing, the future relies on getting new blood involved.
My recent experience in trying to get involved in the project by
understand the workings of the organisation has been a long and
relatively painful process. So much so that I failed in my commitment to
the other election officials. I do not want to detract from any of the
contribution of any of the volunteers, as I know no from other projects
I'm involved in the commitment it takes.

I would like to know the candidates views on making it easier for those
that want to participate, especially non coders, to do so, and how they
propose to do it.

From reading the mailing lists, I can see that this has been touched on
on and talked about quite a bit. I feel it needs to be moved up the
priority list. Not being one to make comment if I'm unable to contribute
I'm happy to volunteer in this effort regardless of election outcome.


On 15/01/2020 17:09, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
[ Delayed by 2 weeks plus a night due to DNS/mail server mis-config. :-( ]

On Thu 2019-12-26, Ish Sookun wrote:
It's 26 December! The call for nominations and applications for the
openSUSE Board election has ended. We received four applications.
The list of candidates is as follows:
Thank you, Ish! And a huge thank you to the four candidates
for stepping up and volunteering their energy and time.

Should you have any question for our candidates, please feel free
to ping them.
1. What do you see as three, four strenghts of openSUSE that we
should cultivate and build upon?

2. What are the top three risks you see for openSUSE? (And maybe
ideas how to tackle them?)

3. What should the board do differently / more of?

4. If you had a blank voucher from the SUSE CEO for one wish,
what would that be?

5. What is your take on the Foundation? What do you consider
a realistic outcome of that endeavour? (And if different, what
outcome would you like to see?)


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