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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: openSUSE Project Name Change Vote
Hi Scott,

I understand your point.

The text has been kept to a simple "yes" or "no" in order to avoid
putting any bias.

Further background on the vote could be something to be posted here on
the ML or on news.o.o. In fact, I would like to remind members that even
after having voted you would still be able to change your vote until 31
October 2019. It's only the last vote till the ballot is closed that counts.


Ish Sookun

On 10/9/19 11:48 PM, Scott Bahling wrote:
I got my credential email and went to the ballot. While I understand
that voting is not open yet, is the ballot text finalized and if so has
the openSUSE Board reviewed and approved that it positions the decision
being made in a clear and fully transparent way?

Without knowing any further background, the way the current ballot
information is presented, it is biased towards a "Yes" answer. Basically
stating that we need to make a decision to change the name or not
because keeping the name might be challenging. To be interpreted as
"Should we make things easier and change the name?" Well sure! If it
makes things easier!


On Wed, 2019-10-09 at 23:01 +0800, Ish Sookun wrote:
It's me again fellow openSUSE Members.

You must have received your vote link and credential by now but voting
will open automatically at UTC midnight only.

I apologize for this confusion. I will have limited access to the
internet in the next few hours and therefore to be on the safe side I
preferred sending you your credentials already.


Ish Sookun

On 10/9/19 10:12 PM, Ish Sookun wrote:
Dear openSUSE Members,

There have been long discussions on the openSUSE Project mailing
about the pros and cons of a the project name change. The
contain a lot of arguments in favor or against such a change.

The community appears divided over this matter and under such
circumstances it is not easy to draw consensus by just looking at
mailing list discussions. The board asked for a project name change
to obtain a clearer picture of the community's decision.

The vote will open on 10 October 2019 and end on 31 October 2019.
Members will receive their vote link and credential in an email sent
their openSUSE email alias. Three weeks ago an email [1] was sent to
project mailing list to inform members of this vote and thus giving
everyone enough time to check whether their openSUSE email alias is
redirecting emails properly. A second reminder [2] was sent about a

If you haven't had time to update your member email alias, you can
do so by sending an email to admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx. Please reach out to
Election Officials through election-officials@xxxxxxxxxxxx if you
having any trouble receiving your vote link.

The vote page asks whether we change the project name and the answer
option is either "yes" or "no". The result of the vote will be
on 1 November 2019.


Ish Sookun

(from the Election Committee)


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