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Re: [opensuse-project] Election Committee Set to Open Vote on Project Name

On 10/2/19 9:14 PM, Henne Vogelsang wrote:

On 01.10.19 22:20, Axel Braun wrote:

Am Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2019, 16:20:10 CEST schrieb Henne Vogelsang:
As we are on the edge of a new era (legal structure/foundation) it would now
be the time to change the name - if the majority of members want this .

I understand that there is a timing issue involved here. However, there
is no need for rush right?

This is currently the biggest blocker to setting up the foundation, as it dictates a significant amount of what our future negotiations with SUSE are. Many of the other ways SUSE interacts with the foundation can be fleshed out once the foundation exists where as the name and issues that flow from it, such as whether the openSUSE trademarks could be transfered to the foundation in the case SUSE stops its sponsorship or if SUSE and the board agree it is the best way forward is something that needs to be resolved first.

If openSUSE was to change names from the boards perspective this becomes a much lesser issue because we are confident that in the short term SUSE will continue to grant permission for the board to use the trademarks in a reasonable way. The board is more concerned about the longer term here and if we are going to move away from the openSUSE name in the short to medium term access to that trademark in the long term isn't really an issue and so we won't invest the time into trying to secure long term access for the foundation. On the other hand if we keep the name then it is the thing that will take the longest to negotiate in the foundation creation hence its our starting point.


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