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Re: [opensuse-project] Election Committee Set to Open Vote on Project Name
On Wed, 2019-10-02 at 13:44 +0200, Henne Vogelsang wrote:

If we don't change, nothing happens and everything stays at it is,
most people know how things are currently. Nobody even has an idea of
overview of what will and would need to happen if we change the name.

See Simons mail for instance, the description of the reasons to
the name are very concise and practical. The reasons to not change
name are abstract and imprecise.

So if you put the vote forward like that, people will have a vote on
something they can imagine very well (a.k.a. status quo) versus some
*undefined* future. Into the undefined, exactly because it's so
boundless and vague, you can interpret everything that you might want
have changed in openSUSE, no matter if that really changes or not
the vote.

If the Project votes for not changing the name, I expect the following

- The Board will work very hard to establish the openSUSE Foundation
under that name, with some kind of trademark aggreement with SUSE's
various legal entities Worldwide
- Negotiations will be long, protracted, and complicated, given it will
likely have significant legal impact for both the openSUSE Project and
SUSE in various legal juristictions (eg. USA and EU)
- After committing all of that work, the eventual outcome might be that
changing the name might still be impractical, but at least the work
will have been done to thouroughly investigate that.

Yes, sure, this means the vote has potentially unbalanced outcomes -
one option is immediately actionable with a goal that is immediately
realisable and one is an option which is more uncertain.

To be as blunt as you taught me to be, such is life.

It is unreasnoble to expect SUSE and the openSUSE Board to conduct the
months of work required to potentially keep openSUSE operating under
the same name while having a Foundation if the community is open to
changing the name of the Project.

Regardless, either option compells the Project to months or years of
work, and before any such large burden is undertaken, it should be well

Which means the desire of the community needs to be asked. Which means
we need a vote.

Hence the need for this vote to identify the desires of the community
at large, which is necessary to justify the work required in either

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