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Re: [opensuse-project] New members procedure
On 9/20/19 1:08 PM, jdd wrote:
Le 20 septembre 2019 12:14:30 GMT+01:00, Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> a
écrit :
Le vendredi 20 septembre 2019 à 20:29 +0930, Simon Lees a écrit :
On 9/20/19 8:13 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 20/09/2019 12.20, Simon Lees wrote:
At this stage modifying connect to do anything different,
especially given its using the same account system as all other
openSUSE infra is almost certainly harder then writing its

The replacement has blocked, stopped.

Yep, and finding someone to work on connect would be even harder.

Carlos' suggestion from a few mails before was to simply move the
membership procedure outside of connect (he gave the example of a
restricted mailing list).

We've been through that discussion a few months ago, there are
to handle the list of members without connect and without building a
tool. Some of them require manual management, most of them are not
great, probably none of them are good for the long term. But I do
believe they're still better than the current state of things.

We do not have to stay with connect while we wait for people to step up
and find a good long-term solution.



is the place to work.
since February, little have been done.
I keep thinking using "galette" is the best way, as this free software is easy
to use and do exactly what we need, that is managing subscribers.
any user can manage it's data.
the user test session is still working, and I'm pretty sure I can have a free
session for opensuse by a group that already gives one to my Linux user group.

sent from Easdale island 😄, as I'm touring...

Thanks, jdd. Maybe this can still get done. I know you (and a couple of others) put some work into it back then, but got very little feedback.

As for me, at this time, I am about to start up the very early (pre-)stages of the next Board Elections, again along with Ish Sookun and Edwin Zakaria -- who have also confirmed this to me -- and with the help of anyone else willing to step up and help out.

At the same time, I am in the middle of Recording and Releasing Singles and an upcoming Album, so a lot of time is tied up there.

One caveat: Anyone else stepping up to help out with the elections absolutely *must* be prepared to commit to work on it, not just volunteer in order to get a badge on their shoulder, then sit back and let everyone else on the team do the work.

But, the three of us certainly *would* appreciate any *real* help we can get.

Edwin, Ish, and I hope to raise the bar even higher with this next Board Election.

-Gerry Makaro
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