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Re: [opensuse-project] dis-Connect

On 19/07/2019 16:12, Stefan Seyfried wrote:
Am 23.02.19 um 04:10 schrieb Fraser_Bell:

Elections are over.  Let's get started.

Did anything happen wrt phasing out connect.o.o?

When I did volunteer to tackle the spammers, I was actually thinking of a few
weeks / months.

Today, there is still no sign of connect.o.o being shut down any time soon.

The most worrisome part is, that new accounts are either SPAM or SUSE
employees. Lots of them.

I'm 100% sure those old-timer SUSE employees did not suddenly after 20 years have
the idea "oh, connect is such a cool
platform, let's register (and then do nothing on it)", so certainly someone
must have forced them to register to this

But why? Hell, I'm almost sure I accidentally banned / deleted some of these
accounts when doing the daily spam-chore.

Would it be possible for the board to investigate WhyTF all those SUSE people
are still registering?
And when we'll finally shut down connect.o.o?

Without investigating it, I can almost certainly tell you why, Connect is still required for membership applications (that is the only reason it still exists), from talking to the membership committee there was a large spike in membership applications when I sent the email out to this list about votes on the change of openSUSE's name and foundation issues.

It seems that there are alot of people who are eligible for membership who didn't care enough about voting for the board to join as members but do have enough of an opinion on the project name, logo and foundations to sign up for membership in recent time so that they can participate in those votes as they happen. I suspect a large percentage of these people are SUSE Employee's. Personally I never asked the membership committee who was joining as a new member but I got feedback from them that after I sent that email we had the biggest influx of membership applications in recent time. Thus the influx in connect accounts, I expect this will die down again over time.

More generally to shut down connect we need a secure way to store a list of members usernames and emails that only a select number of people (Membership Committee) can access. I briefly mentioned this to SUSE IT last week (they also have an interest in it being shut down) but I didn't here much back in terms of a commitment to do some work for replacing it. They are also exceptionally busy and understaffed atm.

But the short answer is we can shut it down when we have a replacement "membership system", we just haven't found someone willing to look into that yet.



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