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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Project name and logo discussion

On 20/06/2019 05:03, Matwey V. Kornilov wrote:


You say that an agreement will be required between SUSE and future
openSUSE Foundation to use the logo. Given that openSUSE Leap is based
on SLES in anyway, wouldn't an agreement still be required in any case
to keep the existing development process integration level?

To keep it the way it is now yes, SUSE chooses to publish its source code in a very easy way for Leap to consume pre release, without this Leap development couldn't start properly until SLE is released presuming SUSE chooses to continue to make there source code open to non customers. It has to be said that Leap 15.1 was released before SLE 15 SP1 and SUSE has benefited greatly from the extra testing it has received from Leap users using the same code base. SUSE wants more people using its code base because it leads to better quality products for its customers so there are benefits to this approach both ways.

There will also be agreements between SUSE and openSUSE with regards to SUSE managing the open build service hardware on its behalf aditionally USE would have to recreate a tumbleweed fork internally to produce SLE-16 internally so if such agreements ceased to exist it would have a seriously negative affect on SUSE just as it would openSUSE which is why the board has been pretty confident that we will be able to sort these issues out.

03.06.2019 9:01, Stasiek Michalski пишет:

I am myself afraid of this email, because this is about the basis of the
community, distributions, plans for foundation etc... Any change in regards
to all things outlined here will be controversial and will have huge
on the future of openSUSE as a whole. Take this very seriously, but also
take it too seriously because it doesn't change the way community operates,
but instead how it ends up being represented.

As mentioned in my talk week ago, I would like to change the openSUSE logo
to break it off of SUSE branding, however as Richard rightfully pointed
the suggestion should also mention changing the name of community and
distributions, to remove the `SUSE` part of `openSUSE`, on top of a few
issues that are unrelated to foundation talks. [1,2]

We do need to tackle this now, considering we are going through vital parts
of the talks of the Foundation, and both trademarks are planned to be
transferred at some point, but it might be best to start off the foundation
with the name and logo that isn't necessarily tied to SUSE brand for easier
legal proceedings between SUSE and the project, depending on the community
outlook on the ideas.

openSUSE logo issues:
 * older version of SUSE logo, which is similar enough to be confusing,
will require agreement between future openSUSE Foundation and SUSE to
use the
 * colour is too bright and light to stand out well on light backgrounds
 * button variant looks the same as SUSE logo buttons, with the only
being colour (and SUSE tends to use similar green for buttons they haven't
updated in a long time)

For current proposals, and to propose more visit:

openSUSE name issues:
 * contains `SUSE`, which will require agreement between future openSUSE
Foundation and SUSE to use the name (we will need this anyway, because
we will
support older releases, but at least there would be some exit strategy when
everything goes south built into the name of the foundation)
 * we are endlessly complaining about wrong capitalization (and will for
rest of time), even SUSE has it easier with "only" SuSE, SuSe and Suse [4]
 * FSF complains about `open`, although that works with openness of the
collaboration, more than `free` or `libre` would (not to mention that we do
have non-free repos) [5]

There has obviously been a lot of suggestions here, from various
stuff like `Viridian Foundation` works quite well for the purposes of the
naming, because it references SUSE, while not being directly tied to
SUSE name
(although it might be too generic and hard to type).

More important than the name itself however is to decide if we want to
the logo and/or the name at all, or we want to leave everything as is.
If we do
decide for a change there we will be able to choose the name and the logo
through a vote, I or some other designer will just have to design and
fix up
logos proposed by the community for the vote (like it was previously
done with
the YaST mascot/logo, which looked crude before the redesign, but was a
community idea). [6]


LCP [Stasiek]


Simon Lees (Simotek)

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