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Re: [opensuse-project] Project name and logo discussion
Stasiek Michalski píše v Po 03. 06. 2019 v 08:01 +0200:

For current proposals, and to propose more visit:

openSUSE name issues:
* contains `SUSE`, which will require agreement between future
Foundation and SUSE to use the name (we will need this anyway,
we will
support older releases, but at least there would be some exit
everything goes south built into the name of the foundation)

I will not add much for the discussion as Richard quite nicely
explained why it would make sense to re-brand everything. OTOH indeed
we would completely lose all the browine points we have right now with
the openSUSE name.

What I would like to see is to have a proper vote in helios (like when
we vote for board members) first with 'rename/no rename' and if rename
wins then with the various possible names to be selected.

Also given the importance of the first decision it would be nice to
have something more than 50% of the votes but to make sure we have more
than X of the all electorate voting and (to avoid brainsplit when we
could get 50.2% in favor of one option).


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