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Re: [opensuse-project] 2019-04-02 board meeting minutes

On pią, Apr 19, 2019 at 12:39 PM, Klaas Freitag <freitag@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Am 19.04.19 um 09:21 schrieb Simon Lees:

The board is still in the early stages of discussing such a change, at
the moment we are still looking at various options, during the board
face 2 face the week before oSC we plan to come up with one or several
or no concrete proposals that we will present at oSC to start discussing
more broadly with the community.

Ok. As we did in the past. All the discussions lacked one thing for me:
The vision what openSUSE will do, what it will head for, how it will
stay relevant if it loosens the relationship with SUSE. And how that
will be beneficial to the project and whole community.

As long as that can not be nailed down by somebody and being presented
clearly and documented, my feeling is that discussions about the "how"
to set up a foundation are pointless. Been there, done that, /me being a
mummy of openSUSE.

It is kind of hard, what is the point of openSUSE in its current form?
There is no real plan to where the openSUSE project is going to go in
the next week, not to mention long term goals. Current projects revolve
around keeping the distributions working and easier to contribute to
(openQA, OBS, release tools), easier team collaboration (trollo, jangouts),
system setup and configuration (uyuni, yast), so I guess the goals should
stay consistent with this, making it easier to use and improve the free
software ecosystem, beyond just improving the distributions.

What else could that be than "fundamental things" that would drive us
away? If Mom is doing the laundry and serving lunch on Sundays, why
would you ever move out? Not for practical reasons, right?

On the other hand given EQT's business model it is almost certain that
at some point in the future SUSE will be sold again or publicly listed,
and given the current good working relationship between SUSE and
openSUSE it is likely easier to have such discussions now vs in the
future should someone buy SUSE and install new management that doesn't
value openSUSE in the same way the current management does.

Maybe. No change to the past: SUSE was most of the time in the situation
of being a good candidate for being sold. But yes, having discussions is
good, but I would put the tune carefully. Why not have discussions
about real commitments what SUSE does for openSUSE, and have that
documented and put in public? Being a more important and officially
tighter coupled part of SUSE would put openSUSE in a better position
when SUSE again changes the owner in the future, no?

There would be topics enough to discuss I think, and to try to get real
commitments from SUSE. A few examples:

a) Commitment to keep openSUSE as base distro for SUSE's enterprise
products. How would openSUSE look like if SUSE suddenly jumps on a deb
based distro to ship interesting enterprise applications? What would
currently hinder SUSE to do that?
b) Lots of infrastructure topics
c) Investments of workforce into the build service for example.

Infrastructure is a hard topic, both SUSE and openSUSE depend on
MF to do a lot of stuff still.

Some kind of commitment on licensing would also be a nice addition,
just so software that openSUSE depends on won't just get closed out
of nowhere. Add that as a `d)` :P

We are obviously still working through this and a number of other issues
but once we have all the info we need we will present it to the
community in a clear way, we are not at that point yet.

When you say "we" here, you mean the board, right? Feels strange to me
that this kind of important topic is worked through by the board and
later be presented to the community. But maybe that is only me.

The entire thing started of with both community reviving old Foundation talks
and board being interested in the topic due to financing issues. Believe me
that community, while less vocal on mailing list, is still very much in talks
about this stuff on discord and matrix, discussing infrastructure changes and
overall changes that will have to be done to go through with that.

LCP [Stasiek]

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