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Re: [opensuse-project] 2019-04-02 board meeting minutes

On 18/04/2019 06:15, Klaas Freitag wrote:
Hi Christian,

Am 17.04.19 um 22:13 schrieb Christian Boltz:

thanks for the report.

== Foundation/Independence ==

* we need to decide which way (e.V., joining an umbrella foundation)
   makes sense - topic for the face to face meeting, feedback on
   opensuse-project@ is of course welcome

I apologize if I missed the note, but can you point me to the vision document of an independent openSUSE? I am sure if you guys discuss such an fundamental move, there is some writeup?

The board is still in the early stages of discussing such a change, at the moment we are still looking at various options, during the board face 2 face the week before oSC we plan to come up with one or several or no concrete proposals that we will present at oSC to start discussing more broadly with the community.

* Simon will write up a summary of the options of umbrella foundations
* in general feedback from SUSE about becoming independent is positive,
   but we've also heard a concern that independence could be driven by
   fundamental things, not practical reasons

What else could that be than "fundamental things" that would drive us away? If Mom is doing the laundry and serving lunch on Sundays, why would you ever move out? Not for practical reasons, right?

On the other hand given EQT's business model it is almost certain that at some point in the future SUSE will be sold again or publicly listed, and given the current good working relationship between SUSE and openSUSE it is likely easier to have such discussions now vs in the future should someone buy SUSE and install new management that doesn't value openSUSE in the same way the current management does.

* if ever needed, we could ignore whatever SUSE does and go our own way

Sorry to say it that bluntly, but this sounds a bit naive.

* a foundation / independence would make legal stuff like GDPR our
    * Simon will talk to Ciaran how we could handle GDPR and other legal

For sure Ciaran is one of the most friendliest and helpful lawyers this planet has, but he is a SUSE employee. I am sure you want to ask him in his role of a community member, but hey, to me that feels a bit like asking Daddy to organize the moveout. We should not put him in that situation.

Wouldn't it be a good exercise to find an independent lawyer, work the topic through with her, and in the end make sure that costs are handled?

This was worded pretty poorly, I asked him more about what the current effort / workload invloved in handling openSUSE's GDPR requirements, given he is the one currently handling it he hopefully has some idea. We are asking this because the board almost certainly would not propose a solution where an openSUSE foundation takes such responsibility unless we had found a way to fund it. There is the potential that it is significantly cheaper for an openSUSE foundation to handle such requests then it is for SUSE to. If this is the case and we do go ahead with a foundation then we might come to an agreement where SUSE agrees to provide resources to an openSUSE foundation for handling GDPR requests, without such an agreement it is almost certain that SUSE will continue to be responsible for all of openSUSE's data as is the case now.

We are obviously still working through this and a number of other issues but once we have all the info we need we will present it to the community in a clear way, we are not at that point yet.



Simon Lees (Simotek)

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