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[opensuse-project] Board Activities Report - Feb/March 2017
Hi Community,

Over the last weeks your Board has been busy with the following broad topics:

- Welcoming Sarah Julia Kriesch and Christian Boltz to the Board
- Discussing/Renewing the Treasurer position
- Arranging annual Face 2 Face board meeting
- openSUSE Network Infrastructure
- Various Legal issues
- GSoC & openSUSE Conference

To give a little more detail about the topics:

- After the successful elections Sarah and Christian have now joined
your Board, replacing Kostas Kouduras and Michal Hrusecky. As with
previous Boards we re-evaluated our usual meeting schedule and have
now moved our Board meetings to happen once every 2 weeks at 1900
Berlin Time. As always, the community can provide items for the Board
to discuss at meetings by emailing board@xxxxxxxxxxxx.

- Last year the Board created a new appointed role of Treasurer to
assist the Board with financial matters in the Project. This
individual can attend Board meetings in a non-voting capacity, and is
responsible for liaising with our sponsors and dealing with matters
such as the Travel Support Programme, primarily so the Board can focus
its energies on the Project and not lose too much time on detailed
financial matters. As an unelected, Board appointed position, this
role has to be re-evaluated annually after each formal Board election.
The Board has opted to continue the position and invited Andrew Wafaa
to continue in this role for the coming year. Andrew has accepted this
responsibility for another year. Thank you Andrew

- Every year the Board has one several day workshop/board meeting,
hosted at SUSE HQ in Nuremberg. This is our primary gathering to get
around a table and focus on major topics and themes for the Project
for the year, and to do what we can to help 'set the course' for the
Project. It is also a good opportunity to meet contributors and
management working at SUSE. This year the meeting will happen during
the 3 days before the openSUSE Conference in Nuremberg. Your Board
will therefore be meeting during 23-25 May. One topic is certain to be
discussed already are how to build upon and extend openSUSE's growth
as a project, especially in the light of the dramatic growth in
Tumbleweed [1]. This will not just be a discussion of the people and
organisational issues that need to be addressed by the infrastructure
growing pains we've been going through as a result of this growth. Any
suggestions as to how YOU would like these issues addressed and any
other issue you want to make sure is discussed at the Face 2 Face
meeting please email your thoughts to board@xxxxxxxxxxxx. We promise
to take every bit of suggestion on board (pun intended) and do our
best to ensure the Project goes forward in the way that reflects the
whole communities wishes.

- openSUSE Network Infrastructure. As mentioned above and in all of
the recent Board meeting minutes, the situation with our
infrastructure has been a matter of some concern for the Board for
some time. We're pleased to be able to say that after some very rough
times we seem to now be on a good track to resolve our issues and put
the project on a good track to have the infrastructure it requires as
it grows. Thanks to exceptional work and contributions from many
sources. The Board would like to extend significant thanks especially
to SUSE IT, Micro Focus IT, SUSE Management, and the openSUSE Heroes
who have all contributed in their own way to tackle problems as they
arose and put in new solutions that should serve the project well into
the future.

In particular, great effort has been made to address the backlog of
tickets to the admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx support request list, which is now
in a much healthier than at any time in recent memory.
Significant improvements have been made to our mirror infrastructure,
with broken mirrors being fixed and much more bandwidth now in place
between our primary download systems and our registered mirror hosts.
That said, we could always do with more mirrors, so if you know any
schools/universities/hosting providers/anyone with bandwidth in your
area who might be interested in hosting an openSUSE mirror, please
encorage them to volunteer and send them to

More broadly, much of our infrastructure (such as the wiki and were hosted on systems solely controlled by Micro
Focus IT. While these systems were cared for very professionally, the
policies and procedures that come with such an arrangement have proven
to be too restrictive for the needs of the openSUSE Project. There is
now an ongoing collaborative effort to transfer control of all
openSUSE infrastructure to the effective control of the openSUSE
Project, specifically the openSUSE Heroes with SUSE-IT supporting
them. This is ongoing, with the control of the DNS planned, tested,
and almost ready to switch over, as well as individuals within
SUSE/openSUSE now having direct access to the MF hosted systems to
help facilitate the planned migrations.
On this topic, the Board have two requests from the community in the
coming weeks and months. Please give your support and understand and
these migrations are ongoing, everyone involved is going to do their
best to make sure these changes are as painless as possible, but
hiccups are bound to happen in such a busy time.
And please, consider volunteering to join the openSUSE Heroes [2].
They're going to need all the help they can get, and anyone with any
skills or interest in any system administration what so ever (which I
think should include most of this mailinglist) should be capable of
helping if they can give the time. Please also do anything you can to
help spread this request for help as wide as you can, the team really
could do with growing in the face of our growing projects future.

- The Board have been dealing with a number of legal issues. Obviously
not all of these can be discussed.
Our Trademark Guidelines were updated to reflect the fact the Board
now is the first point of contact for requests to use the openSUSE
Trademarks [3]
One ongoing trademark request is our work with the openSUSE Indonesia
community to transfer ownership of to the openSUSE Project
to ensure our trademark is protected appropriately, while still
ensuring the openSUSE Indonesia community can still run their
community services and mirrors on the domain. Thank you to the
openSUSE Indonesia community for being so understanding and helpful as
we work through these issues.
If anyone has any questions regarding the use of openSUSE Trademarks,
please feel free to email board@xxxxxxxxxxxx

- and last but by no means least the Board was involved in some
decisions regarding Google Summer of Code and the openSUSE Conference,
both of which are coming up, look like they're on track to be even
bigger successes than last year, and we're all really excited to see
openSUSE take part in.

What do you all think of this style of Board report? Do you prefer it
to the old bi-weekly meeting minutes, or would you prefer the old way
of doing things? With the last few months the Board has found it hard
to have the time to properly put together meeting minutes for the
Project, so this less irregular reporting is certainly easier for us,
but we do not want to continue to do it if everyone would prefer more
regular reports (though likely in less detail than this)

Richard Brown
on behalf of the openSUSE Board

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