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[opensuse-project] Another Board candidate ;-)

I was nominated to run for the board, and finally decided to run ;-)

I use openSUSE since years (actually it was still „SuSE Linux“ with
lowercase „u“ back then), started annoying people in bugzilla, err,
started betatesting in the 9.2 beta phase. Since then, I reported more
than 1200 bugs. Later, OBS ruined my bugzilla statistics by introducing
the option to send a SR ;-)

More recently, I helped in fighting the wiki spam, which also means I‘m
admin on the english wiki since then, and had some fun[tm] with the
current server admin. I‘m one of the founding members of the Heroes team
(thanks to Sarah for getting the right people together at oSC16!)
Currently, I work on the base server setup (using salt) for our new
infrastructure and updating the wiki to an up-to-date MediaWiki version.

You can find me on several mailinglists and on IRC, and of course I still
scare people in bugzilla. I‘m also a regular visitor and speaker at the
openSUSE Conference, and visit other conferences as time permits.

Besides openSUSE, I work on AppArmor and PostfixAdmin – both upstream and
as packager. Also, I‘m admin on several webservers (all running with

My day job has nothing to do with computers. I produce something you can
drink that is named after a software we ship in openSUSE ;-)

Oh, and I collect funny quotes from various mailinglists, IRC, bugzilla
etc. that then end up as random signatures under my mails, so be careful
what you write ;-)

Issues I can see

- You probably know „DRY“, so – see the next paragraph


- speed! We have too many issues hanging around for too long, and that‘s
annoying for people who suffer from them. Especially small things
should (and can!) be solved quickly.
- clear responsibilities! Part of the speed problem is that it‘s
sometimes hard to find out who can fix something, and hunting down
people takes time.
- don‘t talk (too much) – do it! Sometimes we need to discuss things,
but often just doing them works best. Obviously I can‘t do everything
alone, so I want to encourage people to help whereever they can.
„I don‘t have knownledge how to do this“ doesn‘t count – for example,
updating a wiki page or reporting a bug isn‘t hard ;-) and typically
people really start to report bugs once they understand that this
gives them the right to complain (quoting Pascal Bleser: „Always file a
bug: if it‘s not in Bugzilla, then it‘s not there“)
- longer days! Maybe I should move to Bajor – I heard they have 26 hour
days there, which would solve some of my time problems ;-))

Why you should vote for me?

- I tend to kick people to ensure they work faster and fix things. This
is your chance to kick me!
- Help me to find out if I can get the thing in the (non-random)
signature of this mail done!

Things I‘ll never do:

- use a stable release on my main computer – Tumbleweed is just too
good ;-)
- open a bugreport if fxing it and sending a SR is faster
- be too serious – hey, our motto is „Have a lot of fun...“ ;-)
- drink beer ;-) (sorry, not even openSUSE beer)

Contact Details:

Mail: see sender address for one of my mail addresses ;-) - or use my
IRC nick

IRC: cboltz (some more posts would be nice, but then you
wouldn‘t believe the „don‘t talk – do it!“ ;-)

I wish all candidates good luck, hope that we‘ll see lots of voters –
and wish everybody all the best for 2017!


Christian Boltz

PS: Non-random signature – and while I have serious doubts about the
second paragraph, I‘m very sure about the first ;-)

If you run for the Board this year and get elected, I can see my
sanity would be doomed
But in a good way ;)
[Richard Brown]

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