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[opensuse-project] Board Meeting Minutes - 30 May 2016
# Board Meeting Minutes 30 May 1600 CEST

## Present

- Richard Brown - Chair
- Michal Hrušecký
- Kostas Koudaras
- Bryan Lunduke

## Absent

- Tomas Chvatal - Apartment move
- Gertjan Lettink - House move
- Andrew Wafaa (Treasurer) - Bank Holiday

## General Items

### openSUSE Asia
The Board recieved an exceptional bid from the Indonesia Team. The
Board discussed the bid over email and again during the meeting. It's
Approved - openSUSE Asia should happen later this year in Indonesia.

### oSC 16
Planning all going smooth. Full program is published The Board is very
pleased to see a very wide range of talks covering talks across the
whole spectrum of Linux, Distributions, DevOps, Cloud and Storage.

### TSP
The Board understands all TSP requests for oSC 16 have been approved
with the applicant notified.

### Hackweek
SUSE have confirmed their Hackweek will start on Friday 24th (at oSC)
and carry over into the next week, 27-01. The Board would like to
invite all SUSE employees to use at least part of this extra hackweek
day on the 24th to visit oSC and use it to get ideas for the rest of
Hackweek. Fridays program includes talks about ARM, btrfs, Docker,
Ceph, KDE, Machinery, CI and more, including two awesome talks about
openQA (one from Christopher Hoffman and another by the author of
these minutes who really shouldn't misuse this platform to advertise
his session but I wonder if anyone is reading this anyway ;)). Friday
evening also has a performance of the SUSE Band

### Trademark Request
The Board have heard from the members with the outstanding Trademark
request. Local legal requirements complicate our proposed solution.
Negotiations ongoing.

### Membership Tidyup
The first round of the Membership reminder/tidy emails have been sent.
268 members were pinged with an email asking htem to respond if they
still interested in being a member. 70 responses came from Mail
Delivery System. If you think you could be one of those 70 please
update your contact details on or else
you will not recieve future reminders. A few dozen human responses
have already been recieved. Those peoples openSUSE Memberships are now
secured and will no longer recieve reminders until the next round of
membership cleanup.

### Infrastructure
The Board remains concerned about ongoing Infrastructure issues. Board
notes that some efforts have been made to improve the situation with and other Provo hosted openSUSE services, but would
like to see a sustainable long term solution.
The Board is also concerned by the long lead time on tickets to
AI: Richard to have meeting with Roland.

### SLE Packages
The Board has spotted a number of cases in Leap 42.2 Alpha 2 where
packages inherited from SLE are newer than the ones available in
Tumbleweed or Devel Repos.
AI: Richard has send both general and directed reminders internally at
SUSE to remind them of the SUSE company policy to contribute to
Tumbleweed before/in parralel/in sync with their work on SLE.

## Action Item Review

Due to the large number of action items, the progress of these will be
split into 3 sections

- DONE; This task is complete and will not be discussed in future meetings
- WIP; This task is in progress, and will be discussed in future meetings
- TODO; This task is still waiting for some progress by the Board

### DONE

Michal has started the bot to contact missing members to see if they
wish to retain their openSUSE membership.

openSUSE Asia team submitted their proposal.

Andrew completed the first round of TSP approvals for oSC.

### WIP

Board + Ludwig to figure out what to do with all the Volunteers for
the "openSUSE Release Team"
*Richard & Ludwig to discuss*

Board is discussing some ideas with our various Desktop Teams

Michal is retiring and doing the Membership
tooling and maintenance.

Tomas has talked with Craig about OBS team preparing the code for
maintaner tidyup
*Feature in OBS teams TODO*

Bryan has started arrange informal exploratory discussions with
ownCloud and Kolab about closer relationships
*Meetings expected at oSC*

Kostas is reaching out to our few bloggers on
about moving to other platforms.

Richard has been talking to Douglas about the possibility of moving to a new blogging platform. Richard's personal blog
is running a potential candidate (Jekyll with custom openSUSE theme)

### TODO

Board to request release-team@xxxxxxxxxxxx list for the Release Team

Board to investigate alternatives for voting & membership management
_To be done after the Membership Tidy Up_

Tomas will investigate Helios voting system for openSUSE

Richard to review/tune up filtering in current system so trademark
enquiries don't get lost

Tomas will talk with Andrew and Marketing teams about possible Kickstarter

Board intends to create a skeleton of the getting started guides to
help people get started with Using, Joining, and Partnering with
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