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Re: [opensuse-project] SUSE Studio drops 13.1
Dne 20.03.2016 v 22:45 Axel Braun napsal(a):
Am Sonntag, 20. März 2016, 22:05:06 schrieb Martin Pluskal:
Dne 20.03.2016 v 19:49 Martin Pluskal napsal(a):
Dne 20.03.2016 v 19:39 Axel Braun napsal(a):
Am Sonntag, 20. März 2016, 19:24:43 schrieb Martin Pluskal:
Dne 20.03.2016 v 18:59 Axel Braun napsal(a):

quite sad to hear that SUSE Studio drops openSUSE 13.1!

As 13.1 is Evergreen AND the ast long-term 32bit openSUSE its
worth keeping it! Sure, we have 13.2 at the start, but the 13.2
Studio template always caused more trouble than the 13.1

Can we do something from the project side to keep 13.1?

Cheers Axel

Don't ask what openSUSE can do for you, ask what you can do for

Sorry Martin, but thats a stupid one. What makes you piss against the

I beg your pardon?

Unfortunately Studio is a commercial Novell-product, and community.
Its quite frustrating to see that many people give hints to improve,
but reaction is close to zero.

Exactly, why do you write about it at openSUSE project - you want
openSUSE do do your biding and push SUSE to continue supporting retired

I asked this question on all Studio forums as well.

Just an example:
And how much are you paying for studio support? With all due respect,
you are getting something for free, using it and then complain. Are you
willing to pay for some kind of extended support? Surprisingly both
hardware and manpower is necessary to keep on building images.

I dont complain. I'm asking to keep it. Thats a difference.

It also reminds me of discussion about Evergreen, where again, with what
I see as certain level of chutzpah you asked that people leave 13.1
enabled in devel project or that special new target, Evergreen is created.

Have you worked with the previous Evergreen, 11.4? Then you noticed that it
was of limited value, as all additional software was removed from OBS.
With the upcoming 13.1 Evergreen we had the opportunity to learn from the
prior experience and make it better.
That was the reason for asking. What was wrong on that?
I understand, I am bit sensitive in this topic after watching and
participating in several discussiong about openSUSE for 32 bit and
Evergreen, where many stated that they want something, yet few if any
were willing to do anything, and some members of community became
annoyingly pushy.

Anyway please also notice that in most devel projects, and definitely in
projects where I am maintainer, 13.1 is still among build targets.

Which also leads to me questioning you involvement in openSUSE, apart
from building your appliances on top of openSUSE, and using OBS for
building packages, which never got to any release I don't see much of a
contribution from your side.

I have checked OBS and I see that you maintain several packages, please
accept my apology for questioning your contributions.

I had already written an answer on that as your mail arrived.
I accept your apologies, thanks.
With this we should bury the dispute.

Anyway, I want to explain my interest in the Evergreen build: Amongst other
packages I'm maintaining GNU Health packages for openSUSE and the GNU Health
Live CD on Studio. In this context I have explained the openSUSE tools and
infrastructure to the community on various conferences. This has emphasised
the perception of openSUSE as a user-friendly, stable and reliable platform.

Many medical doctors in emerging countries have very 'mature' hardware, and
or very bad internet connection. A ready-to-run Live version -32bit! - can
improve the IT support to their work dramatically.

Currently a community member in Africa prepares a DVD with the 13.1
to give it to african doctors. The initial edition will have 1000 copies

To be able to support this in the future, I asked to keep the 13.1 build.
That is indeed noble goal, as already mentioned kiwi might be of use
here, as kiwi images can be build in OBS and 13.1 itself (as well as
older release) are available there along necessary repositories/packages.



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