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[opensuse-project] openSUSE Board Face-to-Face Meeting 2016 Minutes - Part 2/3
openSUSE Face to Face Board Meeting 2016 Minutes 18th-20th March

Richard Brown - Chair
Michal Hrušecký
Kostas Koudaras
Tomas Chvatal
Gertjan Lettink
Bryan Lunduke - Extra special thanks goes to Bryan for attending
via video conference at ridiculous hours in his local timezone after
urgent personal matters kept him from attending the meeting in person.

As this years Board Meeting Minutes are so long, they are split into 3 sections

Meetings - Covering the meetings the Board had with various SUSE
executives, managers, and engineers.
General - Covering the general agenda items/day-to-day issues
Strategy - Covering the 'big picture' issues the Board discussed

This email is Part 2, containing general agenda items
Part 1 is available

= General =

== Desktops ==
Board discussed the state of the various desktops in openSUSE.
Improving the selection screen to better reflect the actual nature of
our distributions is something we certainly want to see.
AI: Board to discuss some ideas with our various Desktop Teams

== Membership Tidy ==
Board discussed it's ongoing efforts to tidy up the membership list.
We have plenty of members that might not be around anymore. From
previous discussions we have a draft of what we want to do and it was
heavilly discussed over and over. So we will move to the
implementation. Current plan is to do just a small changes that were
already discussed (announcement pending), there might be a room for
bigger changes and cleaning up the rules, but that would need mebers
agreement. We should also remove inactive members of membership
comittee. Together with retiring we probably can
have some space to make membership management easier and faster.

AI: Tomas should investigate Helios voting system for openSUSE
AI: Michal to draft email about inactive members
AI: Michal to start with tooling and kickstart the process of retiring
inactive members according to the proposal sent
AI: Michal is retiring and doing the Membership tooling

== Mailinglist Moderation ==
Board discussed concerns regarding some behaviour of a few individuals
on the mailinglists.
We recognise that some misbehaviour requires fast action. Agreed that
any one Board member can act on behalf of the Board.
When behaviour is not inline with the Guiding Principles the Board
agreed a principle of 1 private warning followed by a Ban

== Sponsorships ==
Conference in Albania asked for support, but as no person is going
there from openSUSE, we are not providing money.
openSUSE only sponsors events where openSUSE can attend.
We decided to become Platinum Sponsors to Greek FOSSCOMM- Greekos will
be attending
We discussed updating the sponshorship document for people interested
in sponsoring our Project in order to better guide what to do and what
optons are available to become openSUSE sponsor.
AI: Kostas will take care of the Negotiation regarding FOSSCOMM
AI: Board to put together a Sponsorship policy document

== Copyright ==
Copyright requests often get lost of spam, hoping the proposed new
@opensuse mail system will be better with spam
T-systems requested permission to use openSUSE on their new Open
Telekon Cloud - Approved
AI: Richard to review/tune up filtering in current system so copyright
requests don't get lost.

== Maintainer tidy up ==
Board discussed OBS state of inactive maintainers.
With the members cleanup prepared we want to clean this up too
It's very important to new and existing contributors alike that it's
easy to identify who is responsible for which package, or which
packages are low on active maintainers.
Technically we want maintainer tidy-up like the home: repositories cleanup
AI: Tomas will talk with Craig about OBS team preparing the code for this

== Treasurer ==
Board wants to reduce it's time spent worrying about money,
sponsorship, and TSP related matters. The Board's role is meant to be
more focused on the actual immediate and long term issues impacting
the Project as a whole, and the details of money matters is quite
often a distraction from these.
The board agreed to create a openSUSE position called Treasurer.
They will be a non-voting board member appointed by the Board.
Responsibilities of the Treasurer:
Merchandising materials
Treasurer must provide regular reports to the Board and thus is
expected to attend all Board meetings where the above responsibilities
are discussed
As a Board appointee, any future Board is expected to confirm their
choice of Treasurer in their first meeting after being elected
This Board has appointed Andrew Waffaa to be the current Treasurer,
effective immediately
AI: board should add treasurer to board ML and create
treasurer@xxxxxxxxxxxx mail alias
AI: Board to announce it to Project
AI: Board to put stuff on wiki regarding rules/scope

== Kickstarter ==
With the sponsorship document updated we could provide kickstarter
option for community to sponsor hadware.
This should aim to please most people requesting separate foundation,
because even small donations will be allowed to flow in.
AI: Tomas will talk with Andrew and Marketing teams on how to do this
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