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[opensuse-project] FOSSETCON REPORT
  • From: Chuck Payne <terrorpup@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 22:24:55 -0500
  • Message-id: <>

I am sorry this is a week late but we did have that holiday last weekend.

I first want to thank Douglas for getting me Shirts and other swag way
head of time. I was ready. The only down side was I didn't have any
printed media, but I did buy two hundred blank dvd's and burnt them
with openSUSE Leap 42.1. I would like to thank Ricard Brown/Douglas
for letting know they wanted me to go and letting me.

Beside the local user group that I help with, this was the first event
in over four years for me to go as for openSUSE. So I was very please
when I was asked to go.

FOSSETCON was small, rumor has it been two hundred to three people. I
rented a car so that I could carry down the two Dell Optiplex 755
Small forum pc I bought just of this. I also took a Raspberry Pi2 with
the latest image running on it. My work Performance Matters donated a
monitor to me for these events. I came a day early to see if I could
help out. Which I did, I helped set up projectors, sound systems and
other things the events needed.

Thursday, was classes so expo hall so again I helped the event as much
as I could. Because, I was able to help out in that matter they asked
if I would help check in Richard Stallman into the hotel, he was the
key speaker this year. I told that not a problem. I did. I also made
sure that RSM got lunch and was at the speaker Dinner. I was nice to
meet him.

Friday and Saturday was the expo hall, I had the table set up
Thursday, after which I again helped the event setup up. We were near
the front door behind us was Red Hat. There were only three Distro
there, Fedora/Red Hat, Ubuntu, and us.

I have to say this event was awesome. I don't mean that because it
been while, but the fact that I had people hangout the both asking
questions. I have about 5 people stay about two hours, since I had the
two computers, I had came with Tumbleweed on it, but I reinstall Leap
on with the Gnome Desk so that people can see both in action.

I burnt only 150 DVD all were taking away. I only put a few shirts out
at time gave them to people that were really asking question about the
bistro or would let me example why were are an awesome distro to use.
The most popular thing we were giving way were the books ( by the way
awesome job ) and the geeko windows replacement sticker. I only came
home with a hand few of stickers.

I did have someone ask if I would install Leap for them. I did, with
the understanding that if anything happen it was ok not openSUSE or
the events. I also created a few USB sticks for people while I was
there too.

One very cool thing there was a voip company there what builds there
app on top of SUSE, I seem to misplace their card.

Again, thank you for letting do the whole Ambassador/Advocate stuff
again. I was a blast. I am as always willing to go where need, who
knows maybe one day I will make it across the pond.

Your Truly your humble Ambassador/Advocate for openSUSE.

Terror PUP a.k.a
Chuck "PUP" Payne
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