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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Leap 42.1: Positioning / USP
  • From: Douglas DeMaio <Douglas.DeMaio@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2015 10:17:33 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
On 07/18/2015 05:14 AM, Jim Henderson wrote:
On Sat, 18 Jul 2015 01:00:17 +0200, Jay wrote:

That it might. The trick with "up-to-date" (or whatever synonym is
is that it needs to be clear that while it's got current software, it's
not necessarily "bleeding-edge" current software.

True. The right wording is important. But there would be accompanying
info. And I think those seeking bleeding-edge-experience don't belong to
the target group. So disappointing one ore two of them wouldn't be so

Agreed. But it helps us to make sure the wording limits the field of
disappointed users to a handful rather than a segment who thought that
"up-to-date" meant "bleeding edge". I'm guessing you won't disagree with
that. :)

So while it was incredibly stable, it was too inflexible for my needs.

I guess you'll be one of the first to leap to Leap! ;)

It depends on whether my testing shows that the directory server I run on
it will run (it's eDirectory - my background, and while the products I
work on in my day job doesn't "officially" support it, it's an LDAP
server, and the products I work with do support generic LDAP). I don't
care if Micro Focus officially supports the config, but if it won't run,
I won't be able to use it (that Leap is based on SLE gives it a better
chance of running, though, I think) - so it is entirely possible.

But that's also a different discussion. :)


I would say most of why you all have been describing about Leap is its synergy. I would suggest something like "Leap - Synergies of Community & Enterprise". Community implies up-to-date and Enterprise conveys stable.

Douglas DeMaio

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing."
- Theodore Roosevelt
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