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Re: [opensuse-project] Marketing Definitions from oSC15

Andres Betts

On July 1, 2015 at 11:52:39 AM, Robert Schweikert
(rjschwei@xxxxxxxx(mailto:rjschwei@xxxxxxxx)) wrote:

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On 07/01/2015 01:05 PM, Jay wrote:
I'm having a huge cognitive dissonance after having read this.

Are you really sure you want to forego the "normal" user (like me)
for developers/admins?

No, there is no foregoing intention.

But we do not want to/cannot compete with Mark Shuttleworth on the
marketing front for the "normal" user, at least not at this point ;)

It is about defining a target group for focused marketing messaging.
This does not imply we will attempt to change the nature of the
project. Whatever you as "normal" user find appealing today is
intended to remain just as it is.

I never thougth of openSUSE as the distribution for just those two

It is not

For me it was always the least riskiest, easiest to install,
high-quality alternative to Windows.

And I would be surprised if the good download-numbers for 13.2 came
from developers and admins. I think they came from people who had a
favourable experience with 12.3/13.1, from positive reviews and
word of mouth.

But I may be wrong.

A focussing-strategy is almost never wrong. But you have to be
prepared to make sacrifices. The more you focus and the more
effective your strategy, the more you have to sacrifice. That is:
loose those who do not belong to your target groups.

Given that we have no consistent marketing effort today we have to
start somewhere. It is hard to compete, when there is one guy who is
willing to shout from every rooftop of the world and from space how
great X is. I do not see the risk that those that have already found
us will run away just because a marketing message says "The Makers
Choice for Developers". I agree that this will not attract many new
"normal" users. However, these conditions were taken into
consideration when the board came up with the proposal and hopefully
it came across in the keynote.

And if your strategy really works, you can't come back in two years
and say: "Now we want the desktop-user". Because then your position
already is "The distribution for developers and sys-admins".

I am not certain I would agree with this. I could possibly agree if
the nature of the project would change and we'd drop all the cool
things we have for desktop users, but that is not the intent. We do
have to keep "what's in the distribution and OBS" separate from "what
do we broadcast to the world."

At present we broadcast, there is no more or less continuous broadcast
as already mentioned, everything in the distro and OBS to the world.
The proposal is that we narrow that broadcast to specific pieces that
appeal to specific groups. This should make it easier to form a
campaing around a given theme and be successful. In two years when we
have more confidence and feel stronger maybe we do want to start
broadcasting to a different target audience with different technical
parts of the project backing up that broadcast. Marketing campaigns
change all the time. Just because there is currently no active Unix to
SUSE Linux marketing campaign doesn't mean that this is not still a
good idea ;) It just means that at present marketing efforts are being
spent elsewhere.

I don't say that's wrong. I just want to make you aware of the fact
that this is a long-term strategic decision that you can not change
just like that.

And you will have to live with the consequences.

I do not see it this dire. If it were, I'd say we'd have no car
company that makes trucks and cars in many varieties all under the
same brand. Look at Chevy, Ford, you name it. They market to different
target audiences with different messages. When the target audience are
people that work in construction you see a truck in the add not the
little car with a hybrid engine. When the target audience are people
that care about fuel consumption the picture and slogan are tailored
to that group. It's still the same company, the products may even come
from the same factory. Both products will have many nuts, bolts, and
other things in common. The marketing of the products they produce
is different for different audiences. We just don't have the people to
create 5 or 6 different marketing campaigns all at once. It is not
even certain if we have enough people interested in forming one
marketing campaign for one target audience.

I think that you have pointed out a subject that we can review later. Maybe
let’s keep this one for a different thread in the future. We could have
multiple marketing strategies for different products done by openSUSE. Now we
need 1, for a target audience of a higher technical background. In the future
we could discuss further strategies for other related audiences.

We cannot boil the ocean. One campaign at a time ;)


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