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Re: [opensuse-project] Marketing Definitions from oSC15

On Wednesday 2015-07-01 07:44, Home wrote:

The Board [found] that we tend to be the distribution of everyone
doing everything,

How is this different from other distributions, like Debian?
That one is essentially the classic do-everything-under-the-sun,
judging from the historical number of packages.

and at the same time, being the distribution that does nothing and
belongs to no one. Our aim seems lost and we must find it to gain
strength and followers.
[The board] defined the openSUSE’s areas of strength. They are tools,
2. The Board feels that a Developer audience, and maybe a System
Administrator audience, is a strong focal point for our marketing.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of approaching, via marketing,
to these two main audiences?

See (6).

4. What are the thoughts around the strength of a developer
community versus other target audiences such as education, public
service, finance, medicine, research, general public, non-technical
users, gamers, etc? What are the merits of a developer community
target as opposed to others?

Well, I can give some thoughts as to why we _do not actually_
reach them:

Finance, public service: Often enterprisey on the server side, and
only a few die-hards to use Linux desktop, it is mostly Windows. The
public service sector is also quite messed up in Germany, e.g. Munich
City, where they ordered a custom-built distro (IMO a waste of

Education: Mostly a Windows world, sadly, because those people
seem to not have "seen the light(s)" yet and they rely on some
niche products, of course only available for Windows.
In Germany, seems like a difficult audience to reach,
for any Linux distro.

Finance: Feels all enterprisey with SLE and RH. Not gonna
reach them with what's top on

Medicine/Research: I feel we have a lack of packages to reach certain
scientificish audiences here. That which we offer is concentrated on
math and physics, directly related to the jobs of people that put the
software into our repos.

6. The project is large and has a few diverse areas of focus. If we
are targeting developers, should we keep or remove initiatives that
do not align with the target audience in hopes that by concentrating
efforts into one audience will produce a better outcome in the end?
For example, why work on integrating so many desktop platforms when
a developer might simply care to have support for specific
languages, a command line, a text editor and a compiler?

DIY building facilitates, such as OBS, have allowed non-technical
users to become "little developers" (and later perhaps experienced
ones). openSUSE is built by its very own users, so the picture is
skewed in that openSUSE _looks_ like all about development.

That is to say, just because everyone tunes their car in the
backyard does not suddenly make the residential area
an industrial auto shop zone.
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