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Re: [opensuse-project] Don't search developers. Develop them. Events, events everywhere
On 10 May 2015 at 11:26, Martin Schlander <martin.schlander@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well, if you're going to sell this idea, you need to show me how it'll be
significantly different than Debian Stable (apart from having a few great
like yast, zypper, obs of course ;-).

Because from what I gather from the discussion, assuming anyone would actually
step up and build this distro, it'll have:

* a release every 2-3 years

Wrong - we're talking about an openSUSE 'minor release' every year,
based on SLE Service Packs (current planning within SUSE expects SLE12
service packs at the end of each calender year)
A major release would be about 3 years into the future, around the
same time as SUSE building SLE 13. SUSE intend to build SLE 13 by
starting with a snapshot of Tumbleweed when they need to start
building the next version of the enterprise distro.. I guess I forgot
to mention that, but it might go some way to express the reliability
Tumbleweed has these days.

* it'll have outdated hardware support compared to any mainstream distro

Wrong - SLE Service Packs always have baked in hardware enablement,
and sometimes may include full Kernel version changes. openSUSE
Releases will benefit from this work.

* old software (primarily talking about applications and desktop environments
here, the stuff that people actually "see")

Wrong - The discussions so far on this topic with our Desktop Teams
all show an interest of putting newer desktops ontop of this platform.

* it'll be very stable

True, that's the plan

* the lifetime will be at "least 3 years" (i.e. not 5-6-7 years)

Probably true, things still need to be discussed in this area, and
depends most heavily on three factors - the communities desired length
of support, the communities ability to maintain those 'non-SLE' parts
of the distribution for that long, and SUSE's desire to maintain their
shared SLE sources for openSUSE for that long
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