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Re: [opensuse-project] Don't search developers. Develop them. Events, events everywhere
Le 09/05/2015 19:24, Richard Brown a écrit :

1. The quality of Factory/Tumbleweed snapshots are awesome

I am right to think than the new tumbleweed release do not anymore need upgrade based on distro number like is was, being a true rolling relese? This "continuous" working is very iportant IMHO

2. The vast majority of our contributors interest is in Tumbleweed,
not the Regular Release.

when you say "contributors", I understand "developpers", isn't it? If developpers do not mind to maintain they own products, I gues they are sending themselve a bullet in the foot...

3. Despite every effort to remedy the situation,

I didn't see on the mailing lists so may calls desperate for people... vs for a
really stark illustration of how bad it is)

the action numbers being zero in the two cases, I don't see the point :-(

KDE 4 will be effectively end-of-life in the eyes of Upstream before
November 2015.

isn't this why ubuntu do not use kde at all (and SLED neither, I think)?
What do the other distribution do?

If you're motivated to use openSUSE because "I want a Linux
distribution that just works", then please, help us with this new
Regular Release, in order to make it perfect for you use cases.


based on this discussion, I see three kind of uses of openSUSE:

* enthousiasts, that should love tumbleweed (new version)
* professional desktop users (or they sysadmin) that do not want upgrades at all :-)
* server user that need as few upgrade as possible

newbies may be of the two first kind, depending on the people.

for this two versions of openSUSE should be enough, Tumbleweed (may be could be renamed "regular openSUSE" if it's really as stable as it seems) and may be "granite openSUSE" for the long time support one :-).

A solution should be found to the too frequent updates triggered by Packman, for granite :-).

n some time could be spent to really define the tasks to be fulfilled, at any level

and don't misunderstand me, I'm not against you (Richard) :-)I just think the two points of view (developers versus users) are both needed :-)

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