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Re: [opensuse-project] Don't search developers. Develop them. Events, events everywhere
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On 2015-05-09 19:24, Richard Brown wrote:

But look at how noisy our mailinglists have been because of it..
Quoting Raymond from the other thread "Why otherwise to upgrade
from 13.2, if you get nothing newer in return." - This mindset "we
must ship the latest of everything, because that's what's awesome"
is a very prevalent mindset in our community. It could practically
be the Tumbleweed development motto.

I think you misunderstand.

IMO his meaning is, why update from 13.2 to 13.3, if 13.3 (based on
SLES) will be older than 13.2?

But again look at how noisy our mailinglists have been because of
this mindset We have other users who crave stability. Who pick
openSUSE because we build stuff that works, not because we build
stuff that changes all the time (and also works). These are the
'long tail' of people we know who are still using openSUSE 12.x, or
openSUSE 13.1 and looking forward to an Evergreen release in the

We've seen this come up time, after time, after time. Every major
flamewar the openSUSE community has gone through, often ends up
coming back to this topic, one group wanting stuff faster, one
group wanting stuff slower. We had it with the release schedule
discussions years ago, version numbering, systemd, moving from KDE
3->4, GNOME 2->3, and now KDE 4->5

Not exactly...

Many want not slower, but maintained longer.

And the rants against those changes were that they were pushed before
being ready.

The only 'flaw' in this plan, that I totally accept exists, is
that for anyone who feels the current openSUSE regular release is
'perfect', then things might be changing for you in a negative way
However, I'd ask those people, deep down, to identify the key
reason they like the current openSUSE regular release. If you're
primarily motivated because "every release I get all the new
stuff", then please, use Tumbleweed, and if it's not perfect for
you, help us make it better. If you're motivated to use openSUSE
because "I want a Linux distribution that just works", then please,
help us with this new Regular Release, in order to make it perfect
for you use cases.

We do want new and *tested* things.

And once we install the distribution, we want it maintained for at
least 2 years, maybe 3, with a release every year, so that if we want
we can update again a year later. Thus we get the choice of when to

And no, tumbleweed will never be it, no matter how good it becomes.

For one reason, choosing when we upgrade means that we set apart the
time to do it, to troubleshoot changes and problems. Upgrading
continuously is a nightmare effort.

- --
Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 13.1 x86_64 "Bottle" at Telcontar)
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