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Re: [opensuse-project] Don't search developers. Develop them. Events, events everywhere
Le 07/05/2015 10:23, Richard Brown a écrit :

And in the case of all of the other, non-developer contributions, the
situation we face in our community right now is pretty ugly.

and this mean you ave to work on this, not to let go something that was successful!!

We basically don't have a marketing team any more, the wiki doesn't
get the attention and polish it deserves, our admin team are working
at full capacity and need more help, and so on and so forth.
We have lots of people willing to step up and complain about these
problems, but when we look around and call for volunteers to actually
help, like we did for the 13.2 release process, or oSC 15, we're very
lucky if we get anyone helping at all

you have to ask first for small easy to do things. Release a distro or organizing an osc are not trivial tasks!!

And so, the current situation is not sustainable - we need to find a
way of enticing the right people into our Project and to help us
improve it, not just consume the awesome things we're outputting


what did we do in osc-15 on this subject? The best talk I was attending was about teaching open source, but we should do similar things for ourselve

And so, the suggestion from the Board that we steer the Project in a
direction that directly targets 'Makers', an audience which primarily
encapsulates sysadmins and developers, but also users who overlap
these audiences and/or aspire in that direction

well don't you think all these people are already involved in some project?

people, and hopefully in return get more new blood into the community
who can contribute back and continue the upward trajectory we
currently have.

"new blood" have to be new.

notice ou was right to do what you did with this talk, because we had really to have this discussion...


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