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Re: [opensuse-project] keynot on OSC15 opensuse <--> SLE
On Monday 04 May 2015 09.27:53 Gerhard Roland wrote:

I very much like the idea of closing together opensuse and SLE for a
couple of reasons:

* at least from my personal point of view for the last 3 releases of
opensuse the stability of the release at its starting point
constantly decreased, resulting in of repairing and porting phase
that gets longer and long after every release even if your are only
using packages offered by SuSE (e.g. have you tried to update from
12.1 or 12.2 over the release steps to 13.2 with owncloud?)
* There are a couple of server targets that do not need the full SLES
program but simply a rocket solid basis an 1 to 3 progrmans on it
/like mail servers) that you either can put on docker or run for
small business on metal with an long running distribution. But you
do not want to change it every 18 months with an constantly
increasing migration effort resulting from the previous point.
* SLES has not always been as solid as one might have wanted in all
aspect or package; but it took quit a time to repair it. Joined
effort might speed up her.

Then what about having a full sles? I mean of course most of our use case,
doesn't need to have full 24h support.
I a basis entry price is introduced for having sles+update during the next 3
it would have solve a number of mine at least.

Then the market would be clear :
enthousiast / private / dev run on openSUSE tumbleweed
(if there a team for) a snapshot release can be done once a year for those
that prefer
pro / stable run on sles (smb/familly pack price)

just my 2 cts thoughts

From the last point: I think it essential for this approach to define
/the fast way back for patches and drivers (if possible even kernel
releases) from the community to SLE/. In that case this approach will
immediately pay back to SLE regarding the fact that the components in
server hardware nowadays also changes nearly as frequently as in
consumer desktops.
In ancient times I used packages from the SuSE distrubution for SLES
installations when they were not available there...

Given the fact that there is still no solution for opensuse 13.2 to
startup a WLAN as system networking instead of user login related (due
to the timing issues coming from that insane ideology of systemd that
SLES still partly avoids...) there we be many use cases that needs a
more stable better tested distribution rather than the newest software.

I can be wrong, but from what I've read is that SLE12 has wicked (the main
reason we got it in 13.2)
and is fully based on systemd.
Don't also get abuse by package version number, they are often low, but with
number of patches (sometimes tons of)
offer the equivalence of very recent version : like a 3.12 kernel offering all
drivers equivalent to 3.16 etc etc.

And yes: I'm running tumbleweed where need the newest kernel. opensuse
distribution in the current constatlation is not fast enough for this in
any case.

Kind Regards
Gerhard Roland


Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl

openSUSE Member & Board, fsfe fellowship
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