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Re: [opensuse-project] After the Richard talk... what's new for openSUSE
Am 01.05.2015 um 12:07 schrieb jdd:
After the Richard talk at OSC, the status of openSUSE stays unclear,
that's normal it have to be discussed, but I see it like this:

* Tumbleweed, the rolling release will the distribution for advanced users
* openSUSE?
* I new variant (name?) will be more stable, very long time support (at
least 3 years), yearly release?

In fact it may not be usefull to have three kind of distros, if
Tumbleweed is stable enough *and* can cope with proprietary video
drivers and Virtualbox drivers (is that kmp?), because it's the only
reason one needs really the present openSUSE version

Actually I would see
* Tumbleweed (hopefully a bit more stable and usable with regard to 3rd
party integration support (nvidia, virtualbox etc))
could/should be based on the SLE code but have
- replaced/updated (Gnome and whatever we need newer) and
- added (KDE and whatever important packages/desktops are missing in
SLES) components

Now some questions for details coming up:
- do we want the SLES codebase to be installable on its own
and have the replaced and additional components optional in
additional repos? - leading to two update/maintenance streams
for the overlap
- Or will this openSUSE dist replace things and create only one
repository for that?

With the latter I see the "problem" that it'll be very hard to come to a
conclusion in the community what to replace/override. This decision will
also be hard for the former though but then the user still can decide if
he wants to follow the openSUSE fancy stuff or the more ?more? stable
SLES core by using an overlay repository.

Given that we already have these kind of overlay repos in OBS (KDE,
Gnome, etc) having a relatively small set of packages replacing/updating
the SLES part but probably focus more on additional ones to compensate
the big difference between amount of openSUSE and SLES packages could be
a way forward.

Just throwing in a few thoughts,
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