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Re: [opensuse-project] After the Richard talk... what's new for openSUSE

But I don't see Tumbleweed ever coping
with proprietary blubs: moving target. The proprietary blubs always
lag behind by several months.

Sad but true, but I also think people would do well to re-evaluate
whether they really need the proprietary blobs - the open source
drivers are getting better, and are a good choice for many people now.

To tackle with this condition maybe we can decrease the update rate
such that these proprietary blobs don't break. (This idea may seem


We could decrease the rate of update of specific packages. For e.g.
say Firefox doesn't affect the functionality of nvidia driver. So we
can update Firefox as fast as we can. But faster kernel updates may
break nvidia driver. So we link kernel updates with nvidia driver
update. Then if a user has installed nvidia driver, he would get
kernel update only if nvidia driver gets update or if someone has
verified that given kernel update won't break the nvidia driver then
also given kernel update can be pushed. Other users who don't have
these proprietary blobs can get faster update.

Note: I hate it when I get reply from opensuse-project+owner, that my
mail is blocked and then I realize that I forgot to set text as plain
text. And android's gmail app doesn't even have this feature.

Akash Vishwakarma (vish_99)
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