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Re: [opensuse-project] three necessary steps?
Hi jdd,

Am 29.11.2013 17:55, schrieb jdd:
* use of bugzilla. I was part of the very first open office french
gteam loooooooooooooong time ago, an,d I had to wait several *years*
before being able to manage bugzilla. We need still something more
progressive to guide new geeckos to make usefull bugzilla reports (I'm
not even sure mine are good)

Bugzilla is so far "state of the art" the problem is that you need to know what you want. Bugzilla is just a huge powerful bug reporting tool. Nothing more nothing less. For sure there are other things around, like redmine which is really good in handling tasks.

* use of the wiki. I started the french wiki and was from the
beginning in the opensuse adventure. But when the wiki was
re-organised, I stopped completely using it. A wiki is *by nature*
unorganised and anyway accessed mostly through google or other search
engine. Having to find where to put my participation was relly too
difficult. - there is at least a need of better explanation of where
do what work.

Well, no. A wiki needs a structure. or at least a team which knows where to find the stuff. Theb structure should tell you where your writing needs to be placed. Therfor we need teams. Maybe thats the point, we should specialize the users which want to contribute. Contribution means (in my mind) to add something to something, so the point were you want to act is quite clear, it should be a page under the team you want to contribute to.

* right now, or better said one year ago I wanted to help a friend
developer entering his software (EKD=EnKoderDemixer) in OBS. I was
never able to do so. Not for OBS itself, but I don't understand hos to
write a spec file. I don't even understand the vocabulary used in the
help files.... I compile kernel since nearly 20 years now so I should
be able to do OBS. I probably could achieve this if I had not other
(family) problems at the same time, but this is anyway a blocking
part. Better doc? as I still have this work to do, I may help :-)

Well, to be honest, i tried it to, and failed several times. I guess OBS is quite good if you already have experience in building RPMs. And thats the audiance where it is addressed to. OBS is for guys who have software, or write code and dont have the money to buy several machines where they can build there software for a several distributions. Thats what it is good for.

But, talking more about contribution. It is always hard to find an entrance point. People come around and like what they see, than they want to contribute (or just use it) than they are looking for informations. Or maybe for an mentor which could help guide them through. This is something we dont have. We dont have a platform for all kinds of contribution, like others have. For example, we dont have a platform for system administrators, the stuff is mostly done by SUSE also the security team. But thats why we have a lot of coders and builders (by percentage).

My 2 cents


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