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[opensuse-project] three necessary steps?

this is partly related to the discussion about priorities, but I don't want to hijack this other thread.

I just wanted to say that I noticed three important blocking steps in my geecko life. I don't ask you to solve *my* problem, but I thing the project in his whole could benefit if more people could pass these steps more easily.

* use of bugzilla. I was part of the very first open office french gteam loooooooooooooong time ago, an,d I had to wait several *years* before being able to manage bugzilla. We need still something more progressive to guide new geeckos to make usefull bugzilla reports (I'm not even sure mine are good)

* use of the wiki. I started the french wiki and was from the beginning in the opensuse adventure. But when the wiki was re-organised, I stopped completely using it. A wiki is *by nature* unorganised and anyway accessed mostly through google or other search engine. Having to find where to put my participation was relly too difficult. - there is at least a need of better explanation of where do what work.

* right now, or better said one year ago I wanted to help a friend developer entering his software (EKD=EnKoderDemixer) in OBS. I was never able to do so. Not for OBS itself, but I don't understand hos to write a spec file. I don't even understand the vocabulary used in the help files.... I compile kernel since nearly 20 years now so I should be able to do OBS. I probably could achieve this if I had not other (family) problems at the same time, but this is anyway a blocking part. Better doc? as I still have this work to do, I may help :-)

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