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[opensuse-project] Getting S... Done.

since it is right now possible to take a breath between the waves of planning I like to share a thought.

In the last mails we read a couple of good ideas especially around the distro which are worth to think about and act upon. We also seem to widely agree that a bit more "innovation" would be cool.

Topic examples:
- Gaming on openSUSE
- Clouding with openSUSE
- Free Communication, as in "No, thanks, I don't use M$ Skype, but connect my using XYZ on openSUSE".
- Documentation ideas
- more

All of these ideas would now require more investigation and _work_ to get it into Factory etc. pp. We need experts for each of the topics, which we seem to have, and people who want to learn, help and finally contribute.

I often think that the missing link seems to be that somebody says: "Hey, I wonna work on 'Gaming on openSUSE', this is the rough idea, how about you help me and we have fun on this?" and people who do not feel able to start such a "big" topic themselves but are interested can say: "Well, yes, sure, if there would be a task for me..." That is what worked in the past.

So I wonder if there is anything how we could help this process to work better in our community. These let's call them 'interest-groups' exist, sometimes as one-man shows, but are they visible enough? Can, for example, somebody who would like to spent a little bit of time helping somewhere, find the spots where help is needed? Has ever somebody called for help in openSUSE? How would one do that?

I wonder if this can somehow be improved.

What do you think?


...und freier Mut gebiert die Tat! Erich Mühsam.
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