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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 2016: taking a picture of openSUSE today
jdd - 13:27 28.11.13 wrote:
Le 28/11/2013 13:17, Will Stephenson a écrit :

This has already happened. Like a Wild West town after a gold rush,
much of the population of community innovators around Linux has moved on

is it as serious as this? the numbers about obs do not show decrease

The important question IMO is, do we accept that at age 20, the Linux
distribution scene is no longer new and exciting and aim for a stable

I have seen this both in my lug - interest about linux decrease
strongly, but now seems to have a stable small level and on the LDP
(Linux Documentation Project - I was the leader/coordinator for some
years - who don't see nearly any more interest and become more and
more outof date...

if so the question will very soon: do we keep our rpm heritage or do
we become an other debian clone?

And how would THAT help us? Anyway, I think that packaging format has nothing
to do with the topic, more importantly I would consider debs as step back
against RPM. There are better package formats out there, but deb is not one of
them ;-)

how is red hat living?

Good. And SUSE is living good as well. These companies don't depend on what
kids think nowadays that is cool, but on what people need to get work done ;-)

jdd (a bit scared :-()

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