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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 2016: taking a picture of openSUSE today
Hi Klaas,

I will answer you in general instead of in detail since I just sent a second
mail that hopefully bring more light.

I am totally aligned with this motto Get Shit Done! Have
more fun!... if we know where we are going.

And I think this the right time (for the openSUSE Team and SUSE) to stop
working for a few weeks, raise our head and analyze the field.

Believe me if I tell you that we do this to make sure we can concentrate the
following months/years in executing in one direction. We want to be proactive,
not reactive.

The openSUSE Team has talked very little and worked a lot these past few
months. After these process, it would be a good sign if we can go back again
to that mode. It would mean that we all agree on the direction we will be
taken so we can put our 100% in making it possible....or die trying :-)

But we cannot and shouldn't do this alone. We both understand that. My team
too. SUSE also believe it. I feel supported on this view.

Alignment in essential. We cannot expect contributors and users to support us
in this new journey (no matter the final direction taken) if we do not provide
our motivations and full picture. This is an essential part, in my opinion, of

Very soon we will be talking about concrete actions, don't worry ;-) I love to
talk about strategies and directions...with a beer. Let's get one next week,
by the way.

On Wednesday 27 November 2013 11:26:40 Klaas Freitag wrote:
On 26.11.2013 20:38, agustin benito bethencourt wrote:

what is the purpose of this now? What is openSUSE "2016" now that
haven't started with 2014?

It seems like the whole text is trying to interpret some numbers. Well,
I know, people like to do that to congratulate themselves how cool they
did in the past or also maybe that the situation is not so bad how
people might think. Only a question of interpretation of course.
I don't like that (my personal 'problem') but I also do not think that
it is overly helpful for openSUSE. Numbers, wow, how exciting ;-)

A look in the future would mean for me that we come to concrete steps on
how we can work towards our targets that we discussed already a couple
of times like
- We did again a very good distro 13.1 even with ARM support etc. Exciting!
- We wanted to tell the world more about that, better marketing. Well,
not so sure if we were perfect here. Steps to improve?
- Our target group were defined as "experienced users", ie. developers
etc. We came to that after long and exhausting discussions. What can we
do to a) make 13.2 even better for these people and b) let them know
that we're their project?
- A lot of people think that we need LTS releases. Surprise, there is
one, its called Evergreen! Do we have to do something to help/improve
there, do we need better communication?
- Make the project more fun, more exciting, so that people like to


Let me propose you some questions:

1.- What other variables we should put in place to create an accurate
picture of the current state of the project?

None from my POV (again, I know that might be wrong, but that's me.) Go
away there. The current state is not so important for us that we should
spend energy on that now, we rather should plan exciting stuff that
moves us forward. IMO we know our status well enough.

2.- What is the perception you think others have from the project?

I don't want to discourage, but what I often hear is: "Oh yes, openSUSE,
is it still existing?" Answer: "Yes, and it has everything in place for
you, even more than you think, and it works really slick!" Q: "Yes, and
what was exciting in the latest release apart from updates?" A:
"Hrmmmm... There should be a Wiki page somewhere." Q: "How long is it
supported than?" A: "18 month." Q: "Oh, why that short?" A: "Because you
wanna update by than anyway and your crappy notebook will be dead than
anyway." A: "Yes, but no, thanks, I stay with Ubuntu, that's cool!"

3.- What is your perception, your picture?

I have the impression that we lost too many people who actually _do_
stuff instead of talking. The ones who are here and do stuff need more
support. Not numbers, not talking, just together: Get Shit Done! Have
more fun!


Agustin Benito Bethencourt
openSUSE Team Lead at SUSE
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