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Re: [opensuse-project] Review of the Xfce wiki page
On Sun, 6 Oct 2013 11:37:45 +0200
Guido Berhoerster <gber@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Wow, I guess that's quite effecive in discouraging any new

That is not the biggest problem :)

Wiki is like any other project, it works as long as there is someone
that cares and has time.

I didn't visit PendingChanges for some time. Usually I fix that from
but when I'm busy for longer periods of time amount of not fixed stuff
is growing and you can see it in PendingChanges. The number of pages
there was lesser then 100, which is not that horrible as the fact that
only that many edits where done by people that have no permission to
review pages. In essence, going trough the list I have seen only few
new contributors.

Thanks a lot for that. Is there actually any coordinated effort
going on behind the wiki or has it largely been abandoned?

There are people that keep wiki running and inaccurate list is here:
There is more people that work on language wikis and English at the
same time, but they are not listed. Also some in the list are not
active anymore.

Bigger problem is that Wiki organization is too complex and in some
places upside down to some basic Wikipedia rules which are meant to
make wiki reading, editing and contributing as easy as possible to
people with limited time for wiki activity.

For instance there is Wikipedia rule that internal links should be

This means when one wants to refer to more information about Xfce it is
preferable to add only double square brackets around word and have
[[Xfce]] working as a link. Right now it will work that way because
there is redirect, but "properly" handled by our own rules is to use
[[Portal:Xfce | Xfce]] first time. This forces contributor to learn
where in some namespace (Portal, openSUSE, HCL etc) is article located,
and use long syntax each time s/he wants to link Xfce.

In practice that results in pages that have fewer links, lowering
usability for readers as they have to search for explanations, when in
the Wikipedia they just click a link.

In other words complexity and differences to Wikipedia increases amount
of time one needs to learn our wiki special rules and lowers the number
of people that are able to contribute. Only those with extraordinary
interest in a wiki and large amount of time to learn our rules can

There are reasons why is all this set as is and ignorance about
Wikipedia experience is just one problem that we had at the time.
Mainly all boils down to lack of time and people that will analyze
existing problems, learn new tools that came with new version of the
wiki and come up with long term solution. What we have is the best we
could do with people, their skills and time they had at that time.

I only hope that some of readers of this mail will come up with ideas
how to improve wiki and make it easier to swallow for new contributors.

Regards, Rajko.
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