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[opensuse-project] openSUSE Project Meeting Minutes 22.10.2012

Attached are the openSUSE Project Meeting Minutes that happened during
the openSUSE Conference Prague.

Best Regards / S pozdravom,

Pavol Rusnak
PGP 0xB9A02A3D
openSUSE Project Meeting - 22.10.2012 14:30-15:30


1. Conference impressions
2. Summer of Code / Google Code In
3. openSUSE Summit
4. FOSS in South America

1. Conference impressions

- kkaempf - very good idea, learned about Nix(OS) packages
- henne - goodparts/bad parts
- too general stuff is useless for us
- future media is nice and adds sprinkle
but 3+ talks about foss unrelated stuff is too much
- rjschwei - good, opportunity to present us as a project to people who don't
see opensuse as a community (yet)
- henne - there are lot of other conferences where we can do that
- warlordfff - more people that would be at opensuse talks went to linuxdays
talks (not vice versa)
- we lost more visitors than gained (eg. ambassadors vs sysadmin
- henne+kkaempf - having too many tracks hurts in a way, indeed
- tampakrap - major problem was coordinating all organizing parties _before_
the conference
- we should try to put more emphasis on communication
- rjschwei - document on the wiki how to organize the conference, what to do,
what to avoid
- tampakrap - many things are already documented (sort of), because wiki was
used during the organizing of the conference
- vincent - people from greece already saw a lot from the organization, because
they were here at the prague conf

2. Summer of Code / Google Code In

- henne - quality of the proposed projects is dropping
- rjschwei - fdisk guy is here, one of the reasons for soc is to attract new
people and it did succeeded in that case
- lets look at that example and see what to do, to have more good
proposals/projects/successses next year
- henne - there's no time for deep analysis of projects, because mentors appear
just few days before deadlines
- vuntz - admins didn't do a very good job this year, there's more to do there
- rjschwei - preparation for GCI - it is for highschool students, add your
tasks to the wiki
- no money for students this year, they are inviting ~20 people to
campus in california
- 2 students from each project are nominated to go to the googleplex
- miska - does GCI has the same format for tasks like last year? (one-three day
long tasks)
- that way a mentor can manage 3-4 students, because it's not that
tiring as mentoring GSOC
- rjschwei - yes, just small changes: translation tasks are no longer allowed
- tasks can be short, but have to meet certain criteria

3. openSUSE Summit

- henne - lot of people could not come to opensuse conference, because they
were at susecon/summit
- vuntz - first time we organized it
- lot of local people came, quite successful for the first summit
- travel support program, if people wanted to go, could ask for
- warlordfff - do you think that summit helped opensuse community?
- summit undermined opensuse conference, it's not local, but not
global either
- kkaempf - good part - close to susecon - made opensuse community more visible
to business people
- the naming of summit/conference was not ideal - caused lots of
(people submitting talks to wrong one, etc.)
- warlordfff - it divided the community into 2 parts
- tampakrap - lots of problems with organizing conference, because of susecon
- lot of people were unavailable
- izabel - it's pretty hard to get visa to USA, thus summit was not an american
conference, just for USA/Canada
- lots of people that were on susecon are not here
- it's hard to keep both sides happy
- warlordfff - more people from the board were on susecon than here - that's
- henne - maybe we should try to get more space (for opensuse) at susecon, not
have it as a separate event
- rjschwei - we can try to move susecon/opensuse conf around the year, we could
check the schedule of other confs
- tampakrap - akademy also had one (or two?) editions in USA, but they
cancelled it,
because of the same problems as we face

4. FOSS in South America

- tian2992 - meetings every week, not only about opensuse but free software in
general, lot of collaboration
- FLISOL - moving from guatemala, costarica, etc.
- some major challenges - too few communication, opensuse summit
could serve as a central point
for people from americas, but that was not
the case
- not enough install disks - making their
own, funding resources
- people don't know what resources are
available, because it is not translated
into spanish - effort that has to be done
- jospoortvliet - what exactly we can do?
- tian2992 - let people know there is a central information in their language
(and translate more)
- make tools to connect people better
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