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Re: [opensuse-project] Bugzilla requirements gathering exercise

Am Dienstag, 28. August 2012 schrieb Will Stephenson:
Some things I've pulled out of "Bugzilla account creation" and other
places are:

* Working integrated login with other project web apps

This probably means to use a * domain...

* Community visibility of bugs in openSUSE reported against SLE

Indeed - all bugs that are referenced in an openSUSE .changes file
should be public (unless there is a very good reason to keep them non-
public). This of course includes SLE bugs.

It would be even better to make all SLE bugs public by default. I know
that this can't happen easily, especially when customers are involved.
Nevertheless, it would already be a good start to make all SLE bugs that
were reported by a SUSE employee public.

* Relating bugs to packages and maintainers
* Package<->Bug relation
* OBS<->Bugzillazilla relation

A key feature for this is probably: allow to assign a bug to package (as
in: do an "osc maintainer" call in the background - basically a modified
user lookup that searches for the maintainer/bugowner of the package)
(IIRC the "good old"[tm] had this feature, but
(obviously) didn't use OBS for finding out the maintainer.)

Storing the package and OBS relation in the bugreport would be even
better ;-)

If you have any comments on these or on other topics, please add them

OK, you asked for it... ;-)

In random order:
* working user lookup [1] (with icons next to the assignee/CC/... field
to choose a person - or package, see above)
* a more responsive bugzilla maintainer/team - shouldn't be hard when
compared with the current bnc maintainers ;-)
* disallow to mark a public bug as duplicate of a non-public bug
* when reporting a bug in guided mode, add help texts etc. per component
(see also )
* (policy issue, probably not technically enforceable) avoid usage of
private comments whenever possible
* if you still need more ideas, check the open bugs against product, component Bugzilla ;-)

Some ideas that probably need to be implemented in OBS:
* warn if a .changes references a non-public bugreport
* support for keywords like CCBUG in OBS commit messages, SRs etc.
* change "report a bug" links in OBS to use username instead of the mail
address (to avoid feeding spammers) - this also means bugzilla needs
to be able to resolve the username to the mail address _after login_

Besides that, I also have a "bigger" idea: merge FATE and bugzilla.
At the moment, we have two separate tracking systems, and the border
between them isn't always clear and sometimes confusing. Things would be
much easier if we had only one tracker - ideally with the merged
functionality of FATE and bugzilla.

If I had to choose, I'd keep bugzilla because it is more feature-
complete than FATE (at least the part we see on features.o.o) and add a
new product "openSUSE feature requests" to it.
(The only thing I miss in bugzilla (in comparison to FATE) is support
for assigning a bug to multiple openSUSE releases, and having a separate
bug status for each of them. Funnily, usage of this feature decreases in
FATE since the "openSUSE distribution" product instead of "openSUSE x.y"
is used there.)
(If we start to store OBS project and package names in bug reports, we
should allow more than one per bugreport.)

Hmm, why can't someone[tm] write a tracker that has all the useful
features of (at least) bugzilla, FATE and launchpad[2] and is powerful
and still user-friendly? ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] on bnc, user lookup is restricted to Novell/SUSE employees - and
people who know the URL of the user lookup ;-)

[2] the funny thing is: the AppArmor developers (those on the Canonical
payroll) don't like launchpad too much and complain about various
issues with it - similar to how we complain about bugzilla ;-)

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[> Heinz W. Pahlke und Rolf Masfelder in suse-linux]

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