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[opensuse-project] Release Process Action Plan (1/3)
  • From: Agustin Benito Bethencourt <abebe@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 15:53:08 +0200
  • Message-id: <2773319.pjSLuRl8xG@g114>

this is the first of three e-mails related with 12.2 Release. It deals with
the diagram done about the Release process.

A. Background

We have invest some effort in talking internally to the people from different
departments involved in openSUSE Release process to define the actions that
each one of them take to make each release happen. We have concentrate in
those that are currently happening or will need to take place the following
weeks. We having consider most of those that take place during the Candidate
release process or before that. We also haven't consider promotion activities
that we do after each release.

But above all, we haven't consider yet most of the work you guys do. Our team
is willing to receive you input, so we can analyze together how to approach
the next release trying to be even more efficient and engage even more people.
From SUSE side, we have detected already some points of improvements and more
will arise the following weeks. We area specially interested in those actions
that we currently we do internally and can be opened and those that already
are, but for several reasons, the community cannot help us on.

This process is part of the strategy of empowering more and more, little by
little, the community in key aspects for the project.

B. The documents

We have used a simple tool (planner) to make a simple Gantt diagram with the
tasks. The goal at this point is just to have a picture of what needs to be
done and who is responsible for doing it. We will go further in following
releases, adding time lines (start and finish dates) and effort (manpower
involved) where is possible.

We are already using this document internally for managing the tasks that we
are currently doing.

C. Why we think your input is needed

This document must be accurate to be effective. Right now it only contains
SUSE vision, which is partial, of what our release process is. We want to
include those tasks you do or you participate on so it becomes useful also for
others. We believe it can become a key element in the release process
coordination in the near future.

It is also an opportunity of defining the tasks we will be doing the following
weeks to make openSUSE 12.2 happen.

Please check the openSUSE 12.2 Release Process[1] wiki page for details.

D. How to contribute

We have identified some groups of people that work on the Release in an
organized way and some other less organized. Some examples could be:
* Editors
* Translators
* Technical contributors (organized around opensuse-packaging@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
* Ambassadors
* This contributors organized around the marketing mailing list
* Artwork team

There are probably several others we are missing.

Since we are in the middle of the Release process, it would be great is those
groups name a coordinator or one person from each group steps up and give us
some input about the tasks they do during the release. Please feel free to
edit directly the wiki page and add to the table the tasks. Ludwig Nussel[2],
one of the new engineers on the openSUSE Team at SUSE will process and include
you input in the document.

If you contribute but are not organized in a group or simply prefer to use
mail instead of editing the wiki, post what you do during the release process
in this mailing list. We will discuss and include your input in the document.
It doesn't matter if you work on the technical side, marketing, artwork,
promotion.... all counts.

It is extremely important that you include as soon as possible those tasks
directly related with the Public Release phase in the 12.2 Public Release
Action Plan table[3], since we want to make sure we
don't skip them for 12.2 Release.

[1] Release Process wiki page:
[2] Ludwig Nussel
[3] 12.2 Public Release Action Plan:

Agustin Benito Bethencourt
openSUSE Team Lead at SUSE
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