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RE: [opensuse-project] Re: Does the project have a publicly accessible project management tool?
  • From: "Administrator" <admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 07:40:21 +0100
  • Message-id: <9D27A8484C78418290B5A778F317B720@DavidA300>
My impression is that project management means, to say it with Henne's
words, "get the shit done". That's also true for bugreports, so the
difference can't be that big ;-)

Project management (full project management, that is) involves a lot more
than just tracking tasks - you should also be tracking stakeholder
interests, risks, expectations, deliverables, schedules/costs, and other
stuff. It's more than just task tracking, though tasks are certainly a
key piece of the puzzle. But, for example, keeping track of who has a
stake in the project, what their influence/importance is, and
interactions with them - that's not something well suited to bugzilla.

Or maintaining a risk register that documents potential and actual risks,
proactive planning to work around the risk if it's got a high probability
of happening.

Needless to say that bugzilla has two big advantages: It is already
there (you can start using it today), and most people already know how
to use it.

Both are good positives for it, that's true. But with the other aspects
of project management that are important to project success, it still
feels a bit like "trying to bend something to do something it wasn't
designed to do". Doesn't mean it's not worth a try, though.

I'd say it's probably not worth a try, as a PM tool is supposed to save time
and keep the true state of delivery (including dependencies and undone work)
in order. Both will only happen if the tool is easy to use in the context.
Partial or inaccurate information in a PM tool is worse as it confuses.


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