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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Does the project have a publicly accessible project management tool?

Am Samstag, 19. Mai 2012 schrieb Jim Henderson:
Yes. The more I look at it, the more I think maybe the MediaWiki
"Todo Tasks" plugin provides sufficient functionality to do this,
with the added functionality of e-mailing the task owner. It doesn't
track status, but it tracks what needs to be done, and in that regard
it's a step in the right direction.

That would mean to add another tracking tool - we already have bugzilla,
FATE, retro (did I miss something?)

Let me ask a (maybe silly) question: Why don't you just use bugzilla for
task management? Not everything there has to be a bug, bugzilla can also
manage tasks ;-)

IMHO the point is to have _one_ TODO list where developers can see what
they can work on. Please don't add another place that needs to be
checked every day - at least if you don't have very good arguments ;-)

(Sorry if this sounds like a rant ;-)

Yes, I know that the wiki extension can send mails, but that doesn't
scale. It works if you are involved with 5 tasks, but it will fail with

I experienced the same with bugzilla - some years ago, my only reason to
open bnc in a browser was to report bugs or to add a comment. For
everything else, I read the bugzilla mails. In the meantime, I heavily
rely on using bug lists in a browser (BTW: sorted by modification date)
and basically ignore [1] the bugzilla mails because I would drown in

Essentially, we need a project to decide on a project management tool.


So the first step would be to identify who the stakeholders are so
we're sure we're assessing the needs from the proper audience.

If you ask around, please also ask "which tool or page do you use
daily?", not only "which additonal tool do you want?"


Christian Boltz

[1] I filter them into a folder to have an archive, but I never open
that folder in my mail client

Eine "Sprache", in der man
<xsl:call-template name="foo">
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schreibt, *muß* irgendwie ein Erfolg werden. Jedenfalls für
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