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[opensuse-project] Re: Improving the bug management lifecycle/process
  • From: Jim Henderson <hendersj@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 02:35:49 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <jp70u5$tp$>
On Sat, 19 May 2012 12:17:59 +1000, Helen South wrote:

We for sure could need more people to do the initial screening.

Do we have any documentation with guidelines/instructions for how
people can get involved in the initial screening?

If we need some help with this screening, what we should probably do is
put together a set of desired skills for doing this screening, some
guidelines on how to do it, and then make announcements in appropriate
venues asking for volunteers to help out.

Part of the reason that I was thinking of using the forum for initial
Newbie bug screening is that people are already there and involved;

I think once we get the login/infrastructure issues dealt with, this
makes sense. Until then, it's likely to cause frustration from Newbie/
non-technical users because you have to sometimes jump through all sorts
of hoops clearing cache/cookies to get the login process to work without
the session timing out on you.

I'm hoping to meet with the people involved next week in Provo (my first
chance as I've been doing contract work for the past several months) to
find out what we need to do to get them the information necessary to
resolve those issues.

It's been frustrating to use for months - especially for those who use it
daily (staff and regular contributors).

and/or, using a nicer front-end to Bugzilla - getting more people
involved is always a huge problem.

I've also asked questions of people I know on the inside to find out what
would be involved in setting a "basic" interface up for submitting bugs -
something less intimidating than the "full" bugzilla submission interface.

Ideally, I think a simple interface for reporting would be good -
something with some defaults (especially the description), similar to
what Cyanogenmod does with theirs (they don't use Bugzilla, but rather
Google Code IIRC, but the principle is the same - the default value for
the description is "here's what you need to provide" and includes the

The trick is to find those that are
hovering about, not sure how to contribute or already quite talkative on
the forum, and just give them a little sideways nudge into Bugzilla

Yep. And a part of that is getting the back-end resolution process
streamlined so they can see relatively quick resolution on (especially)
issues that end up being simple to fix.

Having said that, the biggest issue is with the initial release when it
needs to be 'all hands on deck'  and an invitation to a temporary
bug-squashing event, facilitated by this type of documentation, might
work well to help mobilize people.

Yes. If we could also do something - no matter how small - for people
who participate in such an event. Some kind of little spiff or a credit
in a "thank you" page included in the installer, that kind of recognition
could go a ways towards getting people involved.

I really need a place to start gathering information off list, so we can
look at the information we have and not be going off on tangents. Even a
piratepad would do, or do you have a wiki page I can start adding
material to?

I haven't set a page up yet on the wiki (got buried under some stuff that
had been piling up during the week).

I have my own server here at home, so I can set up either logins on my
Vibe installation or I have a barebones Mediawiki installation we can use.

I've got a "Todo Task" manager plugin installed in the MW installation -
it's a very stripped down task manager (but it does e-mail notifications
and I was surprised to see that working). I'm game for either tool, and
since it's my own server, I can easily pull data out and manipulate it to
suit our needs if/when we move to the openSUSE hosted site/solution.

If you want to use Vibe, just e-mail me off-list and I'll set up a user
account for you. MW has self-registration enabled on it, and I do have
the server configured to generate e-mails and relay them through my ISP.
The wiki is at (it's a dynamic IP, but my
router takes care of updating it if/when the address changes, so
availability isn't an issue). I'll set things up so whichever is used,
I'm backing up to a secondary system.

Jim Henderson
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