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Re: [opensuse-project] Including or not Java binaries in OBS
  • From: Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 12:02:27 +0200
  • Message-id: <20120423100227.GA29056@hera>
On 2012-04-23 10:08:43 (+0200), Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nussel@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Pascal Bleser wrote:
I think it would make things a lot easier in many regards if
instead of /usr/share/java/foo/foo.jar we were using the same
scheme as Maven for java library RPMs, namely something like


instead of


That way, using Maven or Gradle or Ivy, it would be as simple as
defining one of the repositories to be
/usr/share/java/repository instead of having to implement our
current scheme with patches and hacks in Maven.

And to add to that, that's really as simple as patching a Maven
package or adding a few words of XML in Maven's settings.xml

<name>System wide RPM repository</name>

Note that we might also be able to take another approach and
keep the current scheme but implement a new <layout/> and add
that to our Maven package (which doesn't exist yet, as far as I
know) which would then map ${groupId}, ${artifactId} and
${version} (commonly referred to as "GAV") to our current
layout, something like
if I remember correctly (and one can notice that the ${groupId}
information is not present in our current scheme *g*).

But then again, the names of our java packages (I don't mean
openjdk) don't necessarily reflect their de-facto official names
as defined in the central Maven repository (e.g. Google's Guava
library is groupId="", artifactId="guava" while
it might have been packaged as an RPM as java-google-guava or
whatever, which wouldn't match.)

That sounds like a very low hanging fruit. What's the reason for the
current scheme?

I have no idea, but I would assume not knowing about the Maven
repository layout.
I guess it stems from jpackage, which might actually be older
than Maven ^^

I really don't know, but the current layout really doesn't have
any advantages at all, none.

-o) Pascal Bleser
/\\ -- we haz green
_\_v -- we haz conf
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