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Re: [opensuse-project] about the foundation
I am top-posting since there is none particularly that I want to
answer but express my opinion since many right things were said and
some other that I disagree with.
Before starting I would like to say that I was one of the people that
really expected the foundation and when May(as far as I can remember
May was a sort of a 'deadline' for the formation of the foundation)
ended and there was no progress with that I was upset and annoyed.
I happen to have a talk about it with Cornelius and other guys from
the KDE e.V in the oSC11 about if we actually need a foundation and if
we do what form should this foundation have. This opened my sight a
lot but even then I was still a supporter of the foundation. What
really put a bomb on this was the behavior and the actual actions of
people of SUSE and Attachmate, since until then we haven't seen enough
from SUSE's new owner.

As far as the visibility of the volunteers work I think that there is
no problem there, also I don't think that if someone wants to
contribute in openSUSE is stopped by the fact that there is no
foundation formed. Also there are in fact many successful foundations
but there are even more foundations that failed, I think that we
should first grow up and mature as a community and then think more
about it. Don't forget that we exist as a community from 2009 and
under my opinion we have some quite big holes in our structure that we
must work on before getting there.

I have the sense that there is some catastrophe-ology in this post, it
is ok to make scenarios but shouldn't those scenarios have a
reasonable base?
Is there any reason to see that the openSUSE trademarks are in danger
now that we don't have a Foundation?
Didn't people from SUSE or Atachmate gave us everything we asked and
more in some cases?
Did they denied us anything or did we took any decision as a community
and they, in any way stopped us or tried too?
Don't get me wrong, I am not a corporate bitch but I see an
unreasonable 'panic' around.

I think that eventually we might need the formation of the foundation
but since we have the freedom we want and we need from SUSE and
Attachmate we might want to take our time and if we finally do it, do
it right and do it that way that we will be all sure that this will
survive and it will not end up a disaster.Our sponsors so far have
proven that we have the luxury of time, why not take advantage of it
since under my opinion we need it and we can use it?

Kostas 'Warlordfff' Koudaras

2011/12/5 Kim Leyendecker <leyendecker@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 04.12.2011 17:33, jdd wrote:

What we would need is a foundation which is kind of like the
GNOME foundation

exactly. This is the final goal, but certainly not befor several years, at

Then, is there a chance to might get some help from the GNOME guys who
established the foundation?

It's really a lot more complicated that just "oh let's do a
foundation", which is one of the reasons it's taking so much
time :\

well, if you don't begin, you never reach anything. Libreofice or Blender
are examples of success


more control over its own fate, funds, actions. And that means
we can communicate more with people from SUSE for taking
decisions and doing stuff, rather than with execs from Novell
who, frankly have always be

is there any publicly available report of success of SUSE, Red Hat or

Haven´t seen a real report, actually, but I know that Red Hat had a total
revenue of $1 billion. SUSE? I don´t know. I only now that they are very
successfully in Europe. Canonical still gets a lot of money from Mark
Shuttleworth. Once he won´t doing this anymore, we can compare them to the
other big players of the Linux world ;-)

we have both to make our sponsor happy and the contributors community



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