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Re: [opensuse-project] [RFC] What about
Am 21.09.2011 23:40, schrieb James Mason:
I'm really not sold on this idea. SUSEGreeter still has its place, even
if its just a shell for the browse to (or

Well, this is an option too.

But (1) we already have the infrastructure to show SUSEGreeter at the
right place at the right time, and (2) a wide-open internet connection
isn't universal.

I'd like to see SUSEGreeter evolve, and host some HTML content, and if a
network connection is available, pull networked content as well.

Hm, my main problem with SUSEGreeter is still that it pop-ups really slowly on old hardware. It also is really static to me. It doesn´t host recent stuff at all. If you install openSUSE really first time, it is maybe interesting, yes, but at least at the second time, you just click "close" and start to work.

This might could be changed with a website that delivers much more recent stuff, hm?

BTW, You right. There will be scenarios where you haven´t any internet connection. Here is SUSEGreeter a nice tool. Is there any possibility to create a script that´s just opening SUSEGreeter _if_ there aren´t any network connection? Otherwise it just would ignore SUSEGreeter and let the user explore the website.


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