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Re: [opensuse-project] [RFC] What about
Am 21.09.2011 17:55, schrieb Jos Poortvliet:
First of all, I think it's a good idea to replace SUSE Greeter.
Initially I was thinking why not just point to but it does
make sense to have a page specifically for those who have installed
openSUSE already. So it should have a prominent search for more software
(!!) and links to the important how-to's and other documentation. Share
pls once you have something nice :D

I´m still working on a first prototype (Alpha) of the website. I expect to being ready with it tomorrow.

I´m on the way to integrate some article links to news.o.o (called Appetizers) to make the people stay in the openSUSE ecosystem for a while. Imagine you´ve installed openSUSE, open your browser the first time and see some links which are saying you "Hey, here´s something interesting about your brand new operating system, Have a look or you will miss something important ;-)"

On the other hand: One big advantage against SUSEGreeter should be the integration of one-click installations. It´s not that important when a new version just get released, but after, let me guess, 5 months, there will be some changes you might want to install. So, it should show you the newest KDE and GNOME packages as well as the most important patches.

kind regards,

-o) Kim Leyendecker
/\\ openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Wiki Team DE
_\_v - Linux for open minds

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