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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Formal complaint
On 10/09/11 23:32, Administrator wrote:
There's a difference between stating one's beliefs, and taking the piss
out of someone else's.
Now you're spoiling all the fun in life!

(Not having a go at you David, just sayin')


p.s. I do believe in aliens. I think it's gross arrogance to assume we're
the only intelligent (debatable) lifeform in the universe. I just don't
think they've got here yet, otherwise we'd all be dead / enslaved /

Trying to find a form of life here on Earth which could be considered to be "intelligent" has been a massive challenge not only to 'the man in the street' but also to qualified academics and scientists - including psycholgists.

You think I am joking? Simply read the daily world news just to get yourself into a "thinking mood" and to clear out the cobwebs as you take your first mouthful of caffeine,,,er, coffee.


Any experiment in life will be at your own experience.

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