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Re: [opensuse-project] openFATE
Am 06.09.2011 11:45, schrieb Klaas Freitag:
I keep hearing that openFATE is where ideas come to die, but that
should not be true if _at least_ the core developers, packagers, etc.
are looking there for what people want in the next release.
Who is "the core developers" in your opinion? I don't think it makes
sense to make this distinction. We're a community of poor souls coming
up with a distro and other useful stuff every now and then ;-)

I would hope that many people, also not developers sometimes go through
openFATE and _work_ with features, ie. do more candid descriptions of
ideas, mark duplicates, close features if they make no sense, discuss
alternatives etc. You could say ideas die in openFATE, but OTOH without
openFATE they wouldn't have ever came to life. But agreed, the amount of
features that actually get processed is far too low.

We have to ask us why? Maybe because most haven´t the time? Maybe because the devs more like mailinglists? Maybe the UI isn´t that nice?
(Just ideas, none of them are confirmed by me, I just thought about it.)

If the second point is right:

* Maybe something like "FATEs of the week: 5 openFATE requests were send to the factory list by hermes. So, the devs read the mail and maybe jump in.

Is that something to realize? Maybe the boosters could help?

-o) Kim Leyendecker
/\\ openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Wiki Team DE
_\_v - Linux for open minds

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