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[opensuse-project] openFATE
I was just wondering (and I say this with respect), how many you
developers, that are on this list, visit openFATE on a
semi-regular/regular basis?
I keep hearing that openFATE is where ideas come to die, but that
should not be true if _at least_ the core developers, packagers, etc.
are looking there for what people want in the next release. Of course,
as an open source project there should many people looking at openFATE
and trying to implement the feature requests there, not just the
people on this list.

I ask this because I am in the process of collecting a list of many
small things that (at least I think) need to change/get fixed in the
next release. Emphasis on "small things".

I have 4 options:
1. List them on openFATE, see if anyone decides to implement the changes
2. Email various opensuse mailing lists and ask developers if they
have the time/interest
3. Enter bug reports (generally as an "enhancement", and only
sometimes as an actual bug)
4. Do the changes myself

The problem (in order, from above):
1. Let them possibly die
2. Bother core developers over trivial things while a new release is
taking up everyone's time
3. Spam the seemingly few developers there with requests. Note: when I
file bug reports for openSUSE 12.1 it takes days/weeks for a response,
so I assume there are only a few people checking those bug reports
4. I would have to learn a lot about what kind of fixes are needed and
how to implement them, therefore I would be on mailing lists all the
time asking what to do

So what do you think I should do?

BTW, the kind of things I am looking at are things like:
Should we auto-enable the desktop slideshow if the user has multiple
wallpapers available?
The cursor theme is set to KDE Classic but Oxygen White is used, so
there is probably a config file problem somewhere. Bug report #716016.
Did you know that default time for the desktop wallpaper change over
is set to 10sec? :)
Why is it that when I change the font from Sans Serif to Liberations
Sans or vise versa, nothing changes? If a reboot is necessary, then
why not for the other fonts?
Is Kfind needed now that Dolphin has awesome Nepomuk-enabled search
capabilities, while KFind takes 10x the time to find the same file or

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