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[opensuse-project] Re: ssc - Weekly Update

A little middle of the week update to make up for last week. There
have been some major changes with ssc. The command line parsing has
been completely overhauled. The ArgumentParser that I'd written was
far too buggy and has been switched out for thor[1]. Besides the
stability that thor provides, it also adds a lot of useful features
right out of the box like command help. You can do ssc help [command]
and ssc [appliance|package|...] help for more specific help
to get information about any of the commands and the options that it
allows and which options are required and which are optional. It also
provides helpers to nicely format output and error messages.

The other major under-the-hood change is the structure of the local
cache files. The files now use YAML for all the read/write operations
so that there's never a chance of a corrupted storage file. Also the
structure is more convenient for upcoming operations like commit.

By the end of this week you can expect to see the commit, status and
update commands implemented.
status will show all pending updates "add"s, "remove"s, "bans"s etc.
It'll parse all the local storage files and show the changes that
haven't been pushed. It'll show other appliance status related
information as well. Like build status and current build
update or sync will update all the local files with information about
installed packages, repositories, files etc. In case changes have been
made from other instances of the appliance directory or from the web
commit pushes the locally made changes.
That's the spec for now. Suggestions are welcome.

Also the errors that you might have gotten if you'd tried ssc earlier
must be fixed now if you update the studio_api gem. I've made a minor
version bump[2] that includes studio_api v3.1.2 as a dependency.


On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 11:05 AM, Ratan Sebastian <ratanjagan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Update for Week 6 is now up here:

Ratan Sebastian

Ratan Sebastian
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