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RE: [opensuse-project] Attachmate
I looked at the recent archive and did not see any discussion of
Attachmate yet ... maybe people think it doesn't matter. But I think it
does. SJVN at ZDNET reports:

SUSE will be headquartered in Nuremburg, Germany and will be run by
Nils Brauckmann, President and General Manager

As for the opensuse project, Jeff Hawn (Attachmate CEO) said to SJVN:

SUSE sponsorship and participation in key open-source projects is
a fundamental element of the business. This commitment is driven by a
desire to contribute to and collaborate with the community in a way
that fosters the success of open source technologies overall and
creates the greatest value for our customers. The openSUSE project is a
great example of vibrant and healthy collaboration. SUSE sponsorship
and participation in projects like openSUSE creates great value for the
community and also for SUSE customers who benefit from the innovations
and advancements we create together.

I believe he means it.

Attachmate has many years experience coexisting with Microsoft, and with
IBM in the mainframe world. They know how to survive and prosper in the
midst of a hostile environment.

Attachmate's executives are smart money managers. I expect they will
compete against Red Hat better than Novell ever did. And that makes me
more optimistic for the future of opensuse than Novell ever did.

I second that one. Novell had a hard time in making the best of what SUSE is
good at. If you take a look on how innovative the SUSE world always has been
(over time): There could have been a lot more done by now (from the corporate
viewpoint). Products like SUSE Manager took way too long to get positioned in
the market. I love technologies like KIWI and what you can make of it, but
honestly: who has really been buying SUSE Studio for the corporate environment
(forgot the real product name for it, sorry). Novell was always focused on what
they were good at (like eDirectory, IDM, etc.) - which are really great
products. But: These products have absolutely nothing in common with what SUSE
did. They run on SUSE, that was about it.

I think now SUSE has regained the ability to prove what they are really good
at: Developing a rock-solid yet feature-rich distribution and a vital product
portfolio surrounding its core. The community is one of the best "staffed" ones
with commiters all over the world. Its about time that SUSE regains its
position as one of the major players in the Linux World. It was hurting me to
see Novell Managers acting like they really didn't know that there are two
major corporate linux distributions with a full framework and support (one in
their own portfolio). There have been events where I've heard too much about
Novell representatives not caring for loosing ressources and market shares to
red hat.

Both companies are great, but Novell simply undervalued SUSE.

Attachmate was a good decision IMHO, better than with the rumors around VMWare.
Lets hope that CPTN will not danger any future developments, and Brauckmann is
able to compensate Hovsepian, Colado, Dragoon and Rex ASAP.

- mike

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