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Re: [opensuse-project] New questions for people of openSUSE
Am 29.04.2011 14:29, schrieb Thomas Hertweck:
Fair comment. However, I think the point you are trying to make has
already been addressed in the past by the question "In what way do you
participate in the openSUSE project?" (where GKH could, for instance,
state his involvement in Tumbleweed). This question has been there right
from the beginning of the questionnaire.

Okay, I think the best way is to merge all the questions we have already and let the interviewed person choose which questions he/she wants to answer.
So, everybody can answer the question, he wants, and it becomes more personally at all.

By the way, two, on the first looking, the same questons can be interpreted different by the people. Maybe, we achieve this with our questions too.

And by the way again, if you read such a question catalog really fast, you maybe missunderstand the questions and think, that the question

"How many people ask you about "is openSUSE Linux?"?
means "How many people ask you about *what* is openSUSE Linux?

So, let us wait for a while and see, which questions becomes the more beloved, Then we can focuss on the more beloved and leave out the less beloved. This is how open source projects works actually, why not using the same concept for such an easy thing, a question catalog is in my eyes?


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