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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Conference CfP - what kind of sessions?
Am Donnerstag, 28. April 2011, 20:20:16 schrieb Jos Poortvliet:


I haven't had any feedback on the draft CfP [1] I wrote nor on the
guidelines for speakers [2]. Both had a couple of questions and concerns
on the top which need answering, let me replicate the most important of
them here.

* do we schedule Discussions (as I've called the RW/BoF/Unconference
style sessions) fully in advance? Or do we keep the CfP open until the
conference? Or do we reserve a certain number of spots for at-the-
conference scheduling? I vote for all three: keep the CfP open for
these, schedule in advance but keep some slots for at the conference.
I wouldn't leave the CfP open for organizational reasons (I know from
experience that it causes stress to fiddle with the program until the last
minute), but schedule what we got until the CfP ends regularly and keep
some good slots open for "on the whiteboard"-Scheduling on the conf. I
would suggest to have one Discussion-Master who drives that activly. She/he
could also try to motivate people to start something spontanously.

* I think we should have workshops too. Then we have listen-participate-
learn: Talks (traditional one-way), Discussions
(bof/unconference/barcamp), Workshops.
and keynotes hopefully, which are Talks, but still different.

* 50 minute sessions make sense, with 10 min to change rooms?
I think 50 minutes are long. That might potential speakers scare off,
especially not so experienced speakers might think they can't fill it.

How about 40 minutes and fife to change rooms by default and one hour if

* It makes sense to allow Discussions and Workshops to ask several 1
hour slots imho... Yes?

Let's see what we can do for this conference with the following
*1 big room for talks and 4 smaller rooms
*read-only talks only in the big room
*discussions in 2 rooms
*workshops in 1 room
I would leave that flexible depending on incoming topics and formats.

*1 suselabs room
*We have 4 days
*Starting at 9 with a 30 min keynote
*keeping things up until 16:30 (as we have cool ideas for things after
*that time)
*a 1 hour lunch break and 2 30 min coffee breaks (10:30-11, 12-13 and
I would suggest the following changes:
- start at 9:30 with the key note to give people the chance to have a light
breakfast at the venue before it starts
- the keynotes should have 45 minutes imo

We can have 5 slots per day per room. That means up to:
1 keynote per day, 4 total
depends if we get four good keynotes. Maybe we do not need a keynote for
example on the day after the party.

5 talks/day, 20 total
5 workshops/day, 20 total (but several will last 2-4 hours so count on
more like 10 workshops in total
10 Discussions/day, 40 total
5 SUSE Labs sessions/day, 20 total.
Cool, except that I do not expect that we will keep up the program on last
day until afternoon, so maybe a few less.



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